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quizballs 387 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What asset in London UK was valued at £6billion in 2015: Buckingham Palace; Wimbledon Tennis Club; Underground Railway; or Trees? Trees (there are 8 million trees in London)
  2. Alalia, Anarthria, Aphasia, Aphonia, and Dysarthria are forms of impaired human: Hearing; Speech; Sight; or Taste? Speech (forms of mutism)
  3. Thermae and Balneae are Ancient Roman large and small facilities for: Gladiatorial training; Bathing; Horse stabling/breeding; or Cooking and eating? Bathing
  4. What famous French endurance motor racing track/city is named after the early inhabiting Cenomani Celtic people? Le Mans
  5. Horace Walpole created a popular term for unexpected lucky events/discovery in his 1754 fairy story 'The Three Princes of (Where?)': Bonanza; Bonus; Serendip; or Luckydip? Serendip (hence Serendipity - the three princely heroes made happy discoveries by accident)
  6. The primary ingredients of butterscotch confectionery are which two of: Cream; Salt; Brown sugar; Coffee; Butter; or Cocoa? Brown sugar and Butter
  7. A term for a dark shape against a brighter background is named after 18th century French author/politician Etienne de (Who?) ? Silhouette (nobody knows why exactly)
  8. What word for sadness referred historically to human black bile in the ancient medical theory of the Four Humours or Four Temperaments? Melancholy (or Melancholia - see the fascinating Four Temperaments in personality theories)
  9. The 'twi' in the word twilight meant originally: Cat; Badger; Two; or Kiss? Two (likely because twilight occurs twice each day)
  10. What is five-eighths divided by five-twelfths: 0.0325; 3/4; 12; or One-and-a-half? One-and-a-half (or 1.5 or equivalent - to divide a fraction by another fraction, invert the second fraction and multiply tops and bottoms, ie, 5/8 divided by 5/12 = 5/8 x 12/5 = 60/40 = 3/2 = one-and-a-half)
  11. Amethyst is a variety of: Chalk; Quartz; Sapphire; or Glass? Quartz
  12. A little appreciated, very common human characteristic is the spilt or separated (technically 'accessory'): Kidney; Earlobe; Kneecap; or Fifth toenail? Fifth toenail
  13. Bammy (Jamaica), Bannock (Scotland), Blaa (Ireland), Bublik (Poland), and Boule (France) are types of: Cheese; Bread; Bacon; or Rum? Bread
  14. What word for fearful wonderment oddly loses its 'e' when prefixing 'ful' but keeps it when prefixing 'some' and 'struck'? Awe (as in awsome, awestruck and awful)
  15. The Han ethnic people constitute c.90% of mainland: Australia; China; India; or USA? China
  16. A neologism is a new: Political doctrine; Word/expression; Plant mutation; or Galaxy? Word/expression
  17. What often poisonous compound, CN, found in fruit seeds and stones, named from Greek for dark blue, comprises Carbon and Nitrogen: Hemlock; Strychnine; Cyanide; or Mustard gas? Cyanide (from Greek kyanos, hence also the name of the colour cyan)
  18. What word features in stonemasonry, cabinet-making and carpentry; and strategies to combat stress? Coping
  19. Research (Newcastle University 2015) suggests that Type-2 diabetes is reversible by a very small reduction of fat in the human: Pancreas; Heart; Liver; or Brain? Pancreas
  20. The Cuban/Puerto Rican music/dance 'Salsa' means what in Spanish: Feet; Step; Sauce; or Sex? Sauce (an allusion to the spiciness of Latin/Caribbean cuisine)


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