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quizballs 386 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Aquae Sulis is the Roman name for what aptly renamed English spa city? Bath (after Sulis Minerva, a goddess, representing the healing qualities of the spa waters, worshipped by the Romano-British)
  2. What metal element, symbol B, was named after its natural mineral form, popularised for its use as a cleaning product in the 1880s? Boron (named from Borax)
  3. What friendly word produces six new words when it prefixes: Ace; Ate; Let; Lid; Mate; and Try? Pal
  4. The human Frenulum Linguae is webbed tissue between: Tongue/Mouth-floor; Thumb/Hand; Ear/Scalp; or Chin/Neck? Tongue/Mouth-floor (Latin - Lingua, tongue)
  5. Pomology is the science of: Volcanoes; Cheerleading; Apple cultivation; or Australian colonization? Apple cultivation
  6. A Muscovite refers to a native of where in the world? Moscow
  7. What is a third of a half? A sixth (or 0.1666666 recurring)
  8. La Niña is the counterpart of, and often follows what? El Niño (the weather systems - 'El Niño', 'Christ child', because Pacific warming near S America is often at Christmas, and so 'La Niña', 'The Girl', was chosen to refer to the counter effect)
  9. Sage, thyme, rosemary, and marjoram are members of the plant genus: Apple; Mint; Lemon; or Pine? Mint
  10. The Great Wall of China generally runs: East-to-West; North-to-South; In a circle; or Every which way? East-to-West (along China's old Northern borders, protecting against invasion from Siberian tribes)
  11. In Shakespeare's Richard III, King Richard's horse (killed prior to Richard's plea 'My kingdom for a horse') is called: Surrey; Kent; Dorset; or Northamptonshire? Surrey
  12. What famous ancient city is on the river Tiber: Cairo; Rome; Athens; or Babylon? Rome
  13. A prebiotic induces growth in humans (and other living hosts) of beneficial: Hormones; Fungi/bacteria; Antibodies; or Hair? Fungi/bacteria
  14. 101325 Pa (Pascal) or 1.01325 bar is the regulation standard/unit for: Milk fat content; Atmospheric pressure; Gambling machine payout; or Hotness of chili peppers? Atmospheric pressure
  15. What eponymous brand, founded1946, re-established Paris as world-centre of women's fashion: Chanel; Dior; Gucci; or FCUK? Dior (fully Christian Dior)
  16. Linoleum (e.g., 'Lino' flooring) originally comprises which three of these: Polypropylene; Canvas, Bamboo; Linseed oil; or Powdered cork? Canvas, Linseed oil, Powdered cork (the word is from from Latin linum, flax, and oleum, oil)
  17. What old English term for a third came to refer to an administrative division of Yorkshire and an electroral district of Canada? Riding (from 'trithing', in turn from Old Norse, thrithi)
  18. The CAC40 is a main stock market index of: Brazil; France; Japan; or USA? France
  19. Golden Horse/Rooster/Bell/Melody, and Hundred Flowers are major movie/TV/music awards for which nation/language: Russia; China; Mexico; or Saudi Arabia? China/Chinese
  20. Which one of these did not originate in 16th century Italian 'Commedia dell'arte' travelling theatre: Harlequin; Punch & Judy; Scaramouche; or Edward Scissor-hands? Edward Scissorhands (created by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson 1990)


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