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quizballs 384 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. The infinity symbol is a sideways number: 3; 6; 8; or 0?
  2. Since Ancient Rome, lime mortar (masonry cement) includes for reinforcement/moisture flexibility: Horse hair; Frogspawn; Potato peelings; or Olive oil?
  3. The abbreviation mAH - common measure of electrical battery cell power - stands for what?
  4. 'Hunt-and-Peck' is a metaphorical reference to single-fingered: Piano-playing; Typing; Karate; or Puppetry?
  5. Latin/anotomical 'Pes', what part of the body contains the talus and calcaneus bones?
  6. Shukrān (Arabic), Hvala (Croation), Efharistó (Greek), Dhanyavād (Hindi), and Spasibo! (Russian) all mean what?
  7. What is the next character in the sequence: 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17, 41, ... ?
  8. The British Standards Institute (BSI) reported in 2015 that Marilyn Monroe (1960 dress size 12-14) would now fit : 8-10; 14-16; 16-18; or 20-22?
  9. Which one of the seven member territories is also capital of UAE (United Arab Emirates): Abu Dhabi; Ajman; Dubai; Fujairah; Ras al-Khaimah; Sharjah; Umm al-Quwain?
  10. What element accounts for 65% of the human body: Oxygen; Phosphorus; Calcium; or Iron?
  11. Name the popular 1970s Kenner Products' 15" toy body-builder figure of latex rubber filled with corn syrup, elastic to c.five feet?
  12. What country's simple-form name derives from a translation of 'Land of the Aryans' and cryptically/oronymically suggests 'past self-propulsion'?
  13. The placenames Dartford, Oxford, Stratford, Frankfurt, Maastricht, Utrecht and Rorke's Drift derive from having a: Fort/castle; Low-water river crossing; Battle; or Theatre/Dancehall?
  14. India's 'Mountain of Light' group of prominent people sued Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 for the repatriation to India of the: Taj Mahal; Koh-i-Noor diamond; Chicken Tikka Masala; or Bombay Bicycle Club?
  15. From Latin meaning 'earth', and Italian equating to a patio, what is the architectural flooring/wall composite of marble/granite/similar chips and binder: Cadenza; Terrazzo; Sonata; or Falsetto?
  16. Before being burgundy (dark red), the British passport cover pre-1990 was: Brown: Dark blue; Dark green; or Transparent?
  17. Kosher refers to food and food preparation laws for: Hindus; Jews; Catholics; or Vegans?
  18. In 2015 Indonesian authorities announced (What?), for psychological reasons, would guard a top-security island prison: Prisoners; Children; Robots; or Crocodiles?
  19. A French manicure on finger/toenails is traditionally: Red; Gold; Natural pink/clear with white tips; or Red white and blue with Gallic rooster/coq gaulois?
  20. The average min/max temperature (deg C) and rain (mm) in Goa (India) on New Year's Day are roughly: 0/15/0; 10/20/5; 15/40/30; or 20/30/0?


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