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quizballs 383 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Spelter is an old/industrial term for what metal element, and alloys containing it, notably brass?
  2. Stapedius, Trapezius, Gluteus Maximus, Sartorius, and Subclavius are: Stellar constellations; Edible cacti; Roman gladiators; or Human muscles?
  3. The Khyber Pass connects which two of these nations: China; Afghanistan; Russia; Pakistan; Turkey?
  4. Bolas - the South American hunting weapon - comprises rope and: Spear/arrow; Poison; Balls/weights; or Honey?
  5. Chlorophyll/chlorophyl, critical for photosynthesis enabling plants to absorb energy from light, is a pigment of: Green; Red; White; or Blue?
  6. What food means metaphorically typical/ordinary/day-to-day, especially one's work: Pie and mash; Bread and butter; Peaches and cream; or Corn on the cob?
  7. The terms boobook, morepork and mopoke all refer onomatopoeically to a small Australasian: Flute; Owl; Fish; or Omelette?
  8. What is a flat-bottomed East-Asian boat and collectively objects considered old, useless, broken, etc?
  9. Activist/writer Elizabeth Magie conceived and patented what popular game concept in 1903 as a demonstration of the evils of corporate greed?
  10. "Como se llama usted?" is Spanish for what introductory question?
  11. Braeburn, Jazz, Gala, and Fuji are varieties of what?
  12. In 2015 a joint Turkish/Greek Cyrpiot campaign sought PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for what national cheese?
  13. What element was removed from soft solders used to join metal parts/electrical connections, since c.2006?
  14. What restored Rome feature appeared in movie La Docle Vita and receives c.3,000 Euro coins every day?
  15. Brahmanism, or Vedism, is a religion emerging around 900BC in: India; France; Canada; or China?
  16. The size of the International Space Station orbiting Earth is similar to a: Landrover; Shipping container; Combine harvester; or Football Pitch?
  17. The 1927 animated character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is considered the precurser to which more famous icon?
  18. What was subsequently added to a publicity photo of UK Prime Minister David Cameron by his team in Nov 2015: Blue sky; A lapel poppy; Shoes; or Chest hair?
  19. Kolkata Metro is what nation's famous first metro/underground railway network?
  20. London's black taxi-cab training is called 'The (What?)': Streets of London; Fair Fare; Knowledge; or Crash Course?


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