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quizballs 381 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Isolation' is a technical term referring to independent control of a body-part in: Neuro-surgery; Film animation; Dancing; or Robotics? Dancing
  2. Zarathustra, also called Zoroaster, is a Persian: Weather system; Prophet; Meat dish; or Cat? Prophet
  3. Caroline/Gothic, Humanist, Round, and Bastarda, are styles, called 'hands', in medieval: Clockmaking; Calligraphy; Poker; or Banana grading? Calligraphy (formal handwriting, before printing, which became fonts)
  4. 'The Red Vineyards Near Arles' is the only compositional work sold in his lifetime by: Banksy; Van Gogh; Mozart; or Frank Sinatra? Van Gogh
  5. The never-used internet top-level domain '.dd' was for which nation? East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik)
  6. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling and Rawhide are mid-1900s theme songs in what TV/movie genre: Musical; Romcom; Wild West/Cowboy; or Fashion? Wild West/Cowboy
  7. The predicted online connectivity of 50 billion smart gadgets by 2020 is called The Internet of: Life; Everything; Things; or Stuff? Things
  8. The rotator cuff is a tough sheath of tendons and ligaments which supports the human: Knee; Elbow; Shoulder; or Brain? Shoulder
  9. In business theory which one of these is not normally a 'profit lever': Selling price; Wastage/shrinkage; Time; Cost of sales; or Sales volume? Time
  10. The 'latte' coffee drink means in original Italian: Sugar; Milk; Mild; or Frothy? Milk
  11. ZrO2 is the formula for what diamond substitute? Zirconia
  12. In Australia and New Zealand a charity shop or thrift store is also known as a (What?) shop: Chance; Opportunity; Lucky; or Top? Opportunity
  13. What organization was revealed in Sep 2015 to have exposed itself to $billions in fines by cheating tests for nitrogen oxide emissions? VW (Volkswagen)
  14. The 600th anniversary of what iconic Anglo-French battle is on St Crispin's Day, 25 Oct 2015? Agincourt
  15. What dramatically fictionalised king actually ruled the Scots 1040-57? Macbeth
  16. In 2015 Nasa discovered on the surface of Mars: Flowing water; Trees; Footprints; or Diamonds the size of footballs? Flowing water
  17. The prefix zetta denotes a quantity of 10 to the power of: 2; 5; 6; or 21? 21
  18. What nation is home to the Zanu-PF poltical body? Zimbabwe
  19. What sports advantage/equalization term derives from an old process entailing money in a hat? Handicap (from 'hand in cap' - a method of establishing values/forfeits among two people and an umpire)
  20. What popular 20thC movie franchise predicted life and technology at 21 Oct 2015? Back to the Future


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