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quizballs 380 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is a French street that means regret In English? Rue
  2. In 2015 Prague city regulated what increasing risk to pedestrians/traffic: Skateboards; Segways; Push-chairs; or Llamas? Segways
  3. In 2014, age 17, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest winner of: Eurovision; A Nobel Prize; The London Marathon; or A Tennis Grand Slam event? A Nobel Prize (for peace - campaigning for women's education)
  4. In 2015 Brighton became the first UK city to introduce a voluntary tax for food/drink outlets on: Smoking areas; Polystyrene cups; Sugar; or TV screens showing sport? Sugar (10p per drink with added sugar)
  5. Name the two famously married lawyers who contested in 2015 the legality of The Maldives' imprisonment of former leader Mohammed Nasheed? Amal Clooney and Cherie Blair
  6. The mountain town of Berchtesgaden is the location of whose fortified retreat? Adolf Hitler (S Germany, Bavarian Alps, bordering Austria)
  7. Walloons are ethnic regional people of which two of these nations: South Africa, China, France, Belgium, India? France and Belgium
  8. Spell the surgical birth procedure: Caesareon; Ceasarian; Caesarian; or Caesarean? Caesarean
  9. Berry Gordy founded: Coca-Cola; Motown Records; Washington state; or Ford? Motown Records
  10. Anne Hathaway was the girlfriend of: Shakespeare; Wordsworth; Byron; or King Henry VIII? Shakespeare
  11. US Republican candidate Mike Huckabee criticized the Frito-Lay corp in 2015 for its: Mexican Fries; Rainbow Doritos; Gorilla Chips; or Chinese Crackers? Rainbow Doritos (supporting gender/sexual equality)
  12. The fictional station in BBC's flagship Eastenders soap serial is: Brookside West; Walford East; Papworth South; or Dangleberry Farm? Walford East
  13. In Scotland a bothy/bothie is a: Drink; Baby's pacifier/dummy; House; or Dog massage? House (a small cottage or shack)
  14. What word makes six new words as a suffix for: Clutch, Hand, Shopping, Tea, Bin, Ball? Bag
  15. Polenta in Italian cuisine is a: Flour/dough; Bitter salt; Melted sugar; or Ostrich egg? Flour/dough (from maize/corn or a fried baked product of this)
  16. Narendra Modi is a 21stC Prime Minister of: Somalia; Spain; India; or Wales? India
  17. In popular music a bass line played on every beat of a 4/4 timing song is called a '(What?) bass': Walking; Running; Jumping; or Crawling? Walking
  18. Latin 'Juglans' refers to what tree used in cabinet-making, with large two-sided nuts inside green fruit? Walnut
  19. What very old word, derived from Old English 'cwethan' (say) refers to leaving something in a will? Bequeath
  20. In 2015, to reduce road traffic accidents, Dartmoor Cornwall UK authorities tested reflective paint on: Tractors; Badgers; Ponies; or Children's rucksacks? Ponies


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