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quizballs 379 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Hieroglyphs are a very important language of symbols in what ancient civilization: Greek; Roman; Egyptian; or Middle-Earth?
  2. The French word for morning came oddly to refer to (What?) afternoon event in English?
  3. What late-1700s US horse-drawn transport inspired modern vehicle names prefixed by: Space, Swamp, Kite, Dune, Remote-control and Shopping?
  4. The radioactive chemical element made for the first time in the 1940s, named after the place of its discovery is: Francium; Americium; Sovietium; or Britannium?
  5. What handicraft takes its name from the French word for hook?
  6. The significant ancient Egyptian diety Horus (a man with a falcon's head) features the related '(What?) of Horus' symbol of protection/good health: Eye; Claw; Wing; or Beak?
  7. What creature associated with crying is named from Greek 'worm of the stones'?
  8. The cube root of a third is (roughly/exactly): A half; A quarter; 9; or 0.69336127435?
  9. The Austrian Nazi/SS member and engineer whose creations included the VW Beetle, Tiger/Panzer tanks, V1 flying bomb, and a car company which bears his name is Ferdinand (Who?): Mercedes; Benz; Porsche; or Audi?
  10. What old English coin took its name from being a quarter of a penny?
  11. Spell the word meaning fizzy/bubbly: Effervescent; Everfescent; Evervessant; or Effervecent?
  12. What prefix makes respectively a place, a cheese, a cement, a part; and a case or set with the following: Said; Salut; Land; Ion, Folio?
  13. What is the uncrystalized syrup produced in the refining of sugar?
  14. What is the traditional/modern language of Iran and old Persia, named from the latter?
  15. The fatty rump-end of a cooked fowl is called the 'Parson's (What?)': Thumb; Nose; Knob; or Knocker?
  16. What girl's name originated in Greek legend of a beautiful woman, whose capture by the Trojan prince Paris began the Trojan War?
  17. What's the state capital of Mississippi USA, originally Le Fleur's Bluff, later named after a US president?
  18. The word eviscerate means to: Thrill; Embarrass; Flatter; or Disembowel?
  19. What contradictory word-pair refers to a person's hostility manifesting as resistance?
  20. What anthropomorphic term refers to a small lift for food/dishes/etc between a kitchen with a dining area?


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