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quizballs 378 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Bedrock is the home city of which eponymous 1960s cartoon show/family, the most successful adult TV franchise for three decades prior to The Simpsons?
  2. 'Ballroom' and 'Latin' definitions determine which one of these is not a Latin dance: Rumba; Samba; Tango; Cha cha cha; or Salsa?
  3. Samphire, variously found by sea and marsh, is a popular culinary fleshy aromatic: Orange; Leaved plant; Oyster; or Naturally occuring cheese?
  4. A-J on the Fischer-Saller Scale, Bottle, Ash, Strawberry, Platinum, and Golden are varieties of what?
  5. From French 'assiette', the Scottish restaurant/kitchen term 'ashet' refers to a: Kettle; Plate; Napkin; or Kitchen fire?
  6. What is the original and alternative Latin title of the Catholic prayer called Hail Mary, also its first line?
  7. What is a third divided by a half?
  8. The French dish called fricandeau contains (what?) in a stew: Mussels; Veal/Meat; Chickpeas; or Chocolate?
  9. Feugo, Yangin, Brand, and Pozar are Spanish, Turkish, Dutch and Polish for: Earth; Water; Fire; or Air?
  10. Called brimstone in the Bible, what element is a bright yellow crystalline solid, symbol S?
  11. Which vast technology corporation brand has used (c.1977-modern day) the typefaces Motter Tektura, Garamond, Myriad, Helvetica and San Francisco?
  12. The highest male voice type in conventional singing terminology is: Countertenor; Tenor; Baritone; or Bass?
  13. Sphenisciformes, whose wings evolved into flippers, are an order of creatures called: Penguins; Seals; Rays; or Sharks?
  14. In electronics, what is the basic function of a capacitor in relation to electrical energy: Storing; Shielding; Amplifying; or Converting to light?
  15. Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska standard and Hawaii-Aleutian standard are the six official USA: Marriage ceremonies; Baseball leagues; Time zones; or Poodle breeds?
  16. Which one of these is not typically considered a 'profit lever' in business management: Price; Wastage/Shrinkage; Sales volume; Sales mix; Fixed costs; or Competition?
  17. Tagine, a North African meat and vegetable stew, originally/also refers (Arabic tajin) to a: Goat; Onion; Frying pan; or Tent?
  18. How many litres equate to the two different measures, a hectolitre and a cubic decimetre (a decimetre is 10cms): 100 and 1; 1,000 and 10; 10,000 and 100; or 1 million and 1,000?
  19. Film musical interpretations of Romeo and Juliet and the memoir of Baroness von Trapp shared what lead character name?
  20. Name the eight US states beginning with M?


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