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quizballs 377 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In 2015 Prague in the Czech Republic sought to reclassify what 'pedestrian' transport method due to proliferation and safety concerns: Roller-blades; Skateboards; Segways; or Llamas? Segways
  2. The annual 'Ig Nobel' prize for Literature was awarded in 2015 for serious research/evidence that (What?) is used phonetically internationally to ask a question: Oh; Ah; Huh; or Mmm ? Huh
  3. Facebook confusingly announced in 2015 the introduction of a '(What?) button': OMG; Dislike; Chocolate; or Belly? Dislike
  4. Kenkojuku, Shotokan, Chito-ryu, and Wado-ryu are styles/types of Japanese: Dogs; Karate; Wooden houses; or Cooking with onions? Karate
  5. Latin 'Libens Volens Potens' means: Signed Sealed Delivered; Ready Willing Able; Ready Steady Go; or Heart Break Hotel? Ready Willing Able
  6. What model iPhone was the most modern available in 2015: 3; 4; 5; or 6? 6
  7. Name the two 21st century Australian Prime Ministers who both succeeded and preceded each other as leaders of the Liberal Party? Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott
  8. SUV and SAV cars are characterized by what additional capability: On-water; Off-road; Underground; or Flying? Off-road (typically meaning Sports Utility/Activity Vehicle)
  9. The word 'impropriety' refers to actions that are: Dishonest; Funny; Daring; or Sexually explicit? Dishonest (typically of a person/organization of trust/authority)
  10. The Vouvray district of the French Loire Valley is famous for its white: Wine; Cheese; Cows; or Tomatoes? Wine
  11. Technically known as 'the vernacular', an old term for the day-to-day native language of a people/region is The : Rude Mouth; Vulgar Tongue; Crude Jaw; or Lewd Lip? Vulgar Tongue
  12. Chitterlings are what sort of food: Meat offal; Dwarf apples; Dried fruit; or Birds-eyes? Meat offal (specifically originally the small intestines of pigs)
  13. The female former Hewlett-Packard CEO who vied to be US Rebublican Presidential candidate 2015/16 is Carly: Clinton; Bush; Simon; or Fiorina? Fiorina
  14. Araneus diadematus is the widely-found European garden: Sparrow; Lawn; Spider; or Toad? Spider
  15. The first major supermarket chain to introduce the UK 'national living wage' (£9.35/2015) was: Tesco; Sainsbury; Asda; or Lidl? Lidl
  16. Matzo(h) or matza(h) is an unleavened bread traditionally eaten by which people: Hindus; Jews; Danish pensioners; or Chinese children? Jews (at passover)
  17. Celery is a member of what commonly named plant family: Parsley; Sage; Rosemary; or Thyme? Parsley
  18. Table d'hote refers to a restaurant/menu that is: High price and exotic; Alcohol-free; Fixed price and little choice; or Self-service? Fixed price and little choice
  19. Vermiculture refers to the cultivation of: Daisies; Weeds; Grass; or Earthworms? Earthworms
  20. What does brown rice become when its rice bran is removed: Cous-cous; Brown sugar; Marzipan; or White rice? White rice


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