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quizballs 376 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. What mobile entertainment takes its name from the ancient Roman rounded arenas?
  2. What word makes six other words when prefixed with: Cut, Ice, End, Beat, Hand, and Side?
  3. What whole two-digit number is the square root of 9801?
  4. Which of these is not generally considered a 'superfood': Kale; Almonds; Avocado; Goji berries; or Butter?
  5. What metallic element has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity, and reflectivity: Gold; Silver; Copper; or Lead?
  6. In 2015 which two of these nations opened a railway link for the first time in over 100 years, between Brownsville and Metamoros? USA; Russia; Mexico; Canada; or Greenland?
  7. What word refers to an isometric core exercise and traditionally the process of surfacing a wooden ship's deck?
  8. What multi-award-winning 1990s US children's animated alliterative TV series featured todders called Angelica, Tommy, Chuckle, Lil, and Phil?
  9. The Yiddish word/concept 'mensch', anciently derived via German from Roman philosopher Cicero's work Humanitas on human civilisation, refers to a person of great: Wit; Integrity; Cunning; or Incompetence?
  10. Combs/honeycombs, whiskers, stacks, and train tracks refer to patterns in: Ice cream; Cement/concrete; Wheatfields; or Faded denim jeans?
  11. Spell the country, The: Phillippines; Philippines; Phillipines; or Philipines?
  12. British Queen Victoria (1819-1901) is what relation to Queen Elizabeth II: Great Grandmother; Great Great Grandmother; Great Great Great Grandmother; or Great Step-Aunt?
  13. What completely non-infectious neurodegenerative disease was misreported as being 'infectious' by most mainstream UK news media in September 2015?
  14. Boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony and tellurium are commonly considered the six primary chemical element: Metals; Metalloids; Gases; or Plasmas?
  15. Coccinellidae, whose common name variants suggest a female form, are: Fish; Beetles; Birds; or Reptiles?
  16. What 1960s-launched children's toy has friends Paul, Patch Vicki and Mitzi?
  17. In modern times a 'life celebrant' typically officiates at a humanist: Marriage; Birth; Funeral; or Divorce?
  18. Commonly abbreviated to MON and RON, what does the O stand for in engine and fuel performance rating?
  19. Deriving from 'Tagalog' Austronesian language 'bundok' (mountain) the US-English word 'boondocks' (and 'boonies') refers disrespectfully to: Sheep; Crows; A remote rural area; or Leather trousers?
  20. Rocna, Spade, Bulwagga, Grapnel and Admiralty/Fisherman are varieties of: Telescope; Anchor; Rudder; or Galley kitchens?


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