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quizballs 373 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What colour/color is produced by mixing equal amounts of red and green paint: Blue; Yellow; Brown; or Pink? Brown
  2. In Germany a gessellschaft is a: Coalmine; Helicopter; Company; or Idiot? Company (or society or association)
  3. The Elvis Presley song Hound Dog was originally written about a: Dog; Cat; Girlfriend; or Gigolo? Gigolo (originally a hit song written in 1952 for the imposing blues singer 'Big Mama' Thornton by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
  4. In August 2015 Hamas claimed to have intercepted an Israeli (What?) equipped for spying and armed attack: Solar-powered drone; Hot-dog stall; Cheerleader dance-group; or Dolphin? Dolphin
  5. The Sandals corporation headquartered in Montego Bay is famous in the industry of: Fishing; Shipping; Holiday resorts; or Footwear? Holiday resorts (notably Jamaica and the Caribbean)
  6. Which modern nation was home to the Aztec people, notably 14-16th centuries: Mexico; Peru; Spain; or China? Mexico
  7. The comic book franchise behind Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men, and Fantastic Four is: Marvel; DC Comics; Action Comics; or The Beano? Marvel
  8. The iconic protected scientifically studied Zimbabwean lion killed by a US recreational hunter in 2015 was: Leo; Aslan; Cecil; or Walter? Cecil
  9. London's 'pedicabs', which came under new regulatory controls in 2015, are: Horse-drawn carriages; Cycle-rickshaw taxis; Street chiropodists/podiactrics; or Pigeons? Cycle-rickshaws
  10. A 2015 study by China's Dalian University found that owls fly silently because their feathers convert a biproduct of mechanical energy into (What?) instead of noise: Light; Heat; Radioactivity; or Sugar? Heat
  11. The slogan of the controversial infidelity dating website Ashley Madison, whose users' personal details were hacked and published in 2015 is: "Life is short - Have an affair"; "Broken Hearts R Us"; "Do it - Your Partner does"; or "Your Privacy is our Business" ? "Life is short - Have an affair"
  12. The extreme sport of 'BASE jumping' is named acronymically from which four of these: Building, Bungee, Antenna, Acrobatics, Span, Self, Earth, Edge? Building, Antenna, Span, Earth (with parachute/wingsuit - Span represents bridges; Earth represents cliffs)
  13. The ancient Silk Road caravan/trade route connected which two of these regions: Central China, Southern Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Western Sahara? Central China and Eastern Mediterranean
  14. Renaissance is an Anglicized-French word meaning: High quality; Rebirth/revival; Old-fashioned; or Lots of gold decoration? Rebirth/revival
  15. What is a quarter multiplied by a quarter? A sixteenth (or 0.0625 - The calculation is 1/4 x 1/4 = 1/16, or 0.25 x 0.25 = 0.0625)
  16. The element Silcon is vaguely yet generally categorized as: Gas; Metal; Non-metal/metalloid; or Rubber? Non-metal/metalloid (either or both - it is definitely not a metal or gas)
  17. The American Mastodon is an ancient long-extinct relative of the: Horse; Tiger; Elephant; or Badger? Elephant
  18. Ilya (pronounced 'eelya') Kuryakin is a: Russian weightlifter; Raspberry meringue souffle; Comet; or Man from UNCLE? Man from UNCLE
  19. The Cantonese/Chinese dish 'foo yong' (also 'fu young') is similar to: Fish and chips; Omelette; Jacket potato; or Beans on toast? Omelette
  20. The Hundred Years War (inappropriately c.1337-1453) was between which two of these: Spain, England, China, France, Japan? England and France


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