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quizballs 372 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A patisserie is an Anglicized French word for a shop that sells: Cheese/butter; Meat; Cakes/pastries; or Underwear?
  2. What black and white creature exists across Europe, Africa, Asia and N America with variants including the 'Asiatic stink (What?)': Cow; Badger; Penguin; or Pig?
  3. What quick punctuation mark has two versions known technically as 'en rule' and 'em rule'?
  4. Deezer, Tidal, Onerpm, and Tunecore operate in what industrial sector: Music; Mining; Sports; or Pet funerals?
  5. A snowflake takes approximately how long to fall fom sky to ground: 2 minutes; 6 minutes; 9 minutes; or One hour?
  6. The word fiscal in a financial sense generally refers to: Large; Governmental; Emergency; or Cash (not electronic)?
  7. What is 3.6297 divided by 1?
  8. What is the main component of blood besides cells and clotting/glycoprotein factors? Serum; Water; Mucus; or Sweat?
  9. Explorers and mountaineers have for many decades eaten high-energy 'Kendal (What?) Cake': Chocolate; Ginger; Mint; or Cheese?
  10. The essential constituent of the Chinese culinary delicacy 'Bird's Nest Soup' is: Twigs; Leaves; Seeds; or Saliva?
  11. Copper takes its name from which country, where it was mined in Roman times?
  12. Paul Jones is a: Japanese hamburger chain; 1920s ballroom dance; Cartier perfume; or Bingo call for number 88?
  13. Botanically a banana is a: Nut; Berry; Seed; or Root?
  14. The medieval-originating 'patten' is a type of (What?) designed for mud? Shoe; Shovel; Bucket; or Pig?
  15. The Anglicized Italian word cognoscenti refers to people in relation to a subject who are: Controllers; Victims; Well-informed/aware; or Minions?
  16. What word prefixes these to create six new words: Wall, Fly, Fight, Brand, Box, and Arm?
  17. What old Latin word for reptile is very recognisably the scientific sub-order classification for modern snakes?
  18. The ancient Thracian peltasts and Greek hoplites were large units of infantrymen mainly armed with: Spears; Bow and Arrows; Crossbows; or Blowpipes?
  19. The Hindi/Sanskrit 'kotwal' refers to what profession in India: Brain surgeon; Police officer; IT-manager; or Footballer?
  20. In ancient Rome, the 'Culina' was the: Bath/pool; Kitchen; Bedroom; or Housemaid?


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