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quizballs 371 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Mandrax is a 1963 French-originating trademark for a: Computer war game; Sedative drug; Soup restaurant chain; or Dog perfume? Sedative drug
  2. A mythical Arctic whirlpool west of Norway, came to be what Anglicized Dutch word, meaning a violent water whirl or metaphorically extreme turmoil? Maelstrom (from the Dutch words maalen, grind, and stroom, stream)
  3. Traditional Latin pluralization of Latin-originating words ending in 'us' is to replace the 'us' with: en; i; o; or eaux? i (as in cacti and stumuli, or for some words, ii)
  4. What item of furniture is used metaphorically as a verb for postponing a project? Shelf/Shelve/Shelving
  5. Utilitarian and utilitarianism refer primarily to the major quality/effect of something being: Useful; Inexpensive; Flexible; or Designed by robots? Useful (especially for the greater good or majority)
  6. What is the cube root of an eighth? A Half (0.5 - ie, 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.125 = an eighth, just as the cube root of 125 is 5)
  7. The 1920s-originating US expression, hootenanny, is traditionally a gathering of people for: Folk music; Eating; Gambling; or Interior decorating? Folk music
  8. The Ancient British/Gaelic words Loch, Lough, Logh and Llwch all refer to a: Lake; Dam; Canal Lock (riser); or Latrine? Lake (all those ancient variants are pronounced very similarly - lough is current in Ireland, loch in Scotland, and logh in the Isle of Man - Llwch is virtually obsolete Welsh)
  9. In 2015 the world speed record for (What?) was broken in 6.88 seconds by Australian Feliks Zemdegs: NY Times Crossword; Solving a Rubik's Cube; Eating a whole full-size chicken; or Descending from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the ground? Solving a Rubik's Cube
  10. Apple Inc's 'digital wallet' virtual banking service is called Apple: iBuck; iDoll; Pay; or Pig? Pay
  11. The founder of Wikipedia is Graham India; Jimmy Wales; Mario Brazil; or Nigel Nigeria? Jimmy Wales
  12. Utrecht is a province and provincial capital city in central: Netherlands; Belgium; Germany; or Scotland? Netherlands
  13. What communication aid also refers metaphorically to the limits of a concept or set of protocols? Envelope (as in 'push the envelope', meaning test or go beyond normal limits for an activity, plan, etc)
  14. What is the historically Moorish Spanish capital of Andalusia, famous for oranges and flamenco? Seville
  15. Tom Parker, who famously managed Elvis Presley, was known by the title of, and as 'the..': Chief; Colonel; General; Brigadier? Colonel
  16. The phrase: 'Badly finished garments are unseemly' contains a: Pun; Simile; Metaphor; or Spelling mistake? Pun (by which a word can have two different meanings, ie here unseemly as improper and unseamly as an informal reference to poor stitching - see puns and double-meanings)
  17. What chemical element, symbol Cr, is named due its colourful/colorful compound effect? Chromium (Greek chroma, colour/color)
  18. What 1956 alliterative and genericized trademark mysteriously refers to an indelible 'felt-tip' pen? Magic Marker (Speedy Products Inc, patent 1956 - this brilliant brand name endures appealingly and now generically for an extremely unexciting product, which was apparently the name's intended purpose)
  19. The Anglicized French word séance, referring to contacting the spirit world, derives from the notion of: Ghosts; Sitting; Speaking; or Screaming? Sitting (from Seoir, sit)
  20. The technical term 'lean-burn' originally refers to less polluting versions of what energy technology: Internal combustion engine; Nuclear reactor; Coal-fired power station; or Windmill? Internal combustion engine


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