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quizballs 370 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What Eurasian winged-fruit maple tree is named after the Greek words sukon (fig) and moron (mulberry)? Sycamore
  2. What Native American Apache Indian chief's name became an exclamation of exhilaration? Geronimo
  3. What note is produced at the 5th fret of the 5th string (ie the 2nd lowest pitched) of a conventionally tuned guitar: A; B; C; or D? D
  4. In physics, the motions of particles within matter is understood by (What?) theory: Kinetic; Atomic; Existential; or Chaos? Kinetic
  5. Which old English King is associated with having burned cakes: William; Harold; Alfred; or Kevin? Alfred
  6. The old English tithe, was a tax taken for the church/clergy equating to a: Quarter; Tenth; Twentieth; or Three-Nineteenths? Tenth (from teotha, tenth)
  7. IPO - referring to the flotation of a company - stands for what? Initial Public Offering
  8. Strongly scented toilet water is named after which city of its origination? Cologne (as in eau de Cologne)
  9. Le Coq Sportif is a famous French corporation/brand for: Fried chicken takeaway; Healthfoods; Sportswear/goods; or Erectile dysfunction? Sportswear/goods (it means the athletic rooster)
  10. What word makes new words when prefixing: Rule, Projection, Guitar, Valve and Fastener? Slide
  11. What's the Anglicized-Spanish plural noun referring to a particular male facial hair style? Mustachios (plural noun of mustache/moustache - given that a moustache has two parts)
  12. An opsimath is a person who begins to do what later in life: Have children; Study; Go bald; or Understand arithmetic? Study (Greek opse, late, and math, study)
  13. The literary/dramatic description 'redivivus' (emphasis on the 'div') refers to someone who comes back: Home; To life; To haunt; or Drunk? To life (or reborn - from re, again, and vivus, living)
  14. Neolithic refers to which age: Stone; Agricultural; Renaissance; or Industrial? Stone (actually the late stone age - neo 'new' and Greek lithos 'stone')
  15. Chrysanthemum means originally which two of these: Red; Blue; Gold; Flower; Star; or Sun? Gold Flower (Greek khrusos and anthemon)
  16. Olibanum is the medieval Latin alternative English word for which Biblical aromatic resin? Frankincense
  17. Germination refers technically to: Contamination; Relevance/connection; Prussian empire building; or Seed/spore growth after dormancy? Seed/spore growth after dormancy
  18. Spell the word: Spontenaity; Spontinaity; Spontoneity; Spontaneity? Spontaneity
  19. Poplin is a type of 18th-century-originating: Drug; Cotton fabric; Alcoholic drink; or Skin disease? Cotton fabric (likely named after papal reference to Avignon, where exiled popes lived, and where the fabric was first made)
  20. Phylum porifera is the technical name for what organic cleaning device: Soap; Sponge; Tea towel; or Feather duster? Sponge


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