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quizballs 369 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Abbey Road in North London is the famous metonymic location of what entity: Fountains; Maze; Recording studios; or Railway museum?
  2. 6,859 is the cube of what number, (less than twenty)?
  3. Spell the word: Diligant; Dilegent; Diligent; or Dilligent? (Bonus point, it means: Detailed; Slow; Conscientious; or Stubborn?)
  4. Go Set a Watchman is the 55-years-after sequel to what famous work?
  5. Dageurreotype/dageurrotype is a mid-1800s form of: Sword; Written insult; Photograph; or Sandwich?
  6. When drawing the musical the treble (G) clef symbol, the line crosses itself how many times?
  7. 2,000 years ago Nanjing was what in China: Fever/Plague; Tree soup; Capital city; or God of tea?
  8. In 2015, 21st Century Fox company launched what Simpson's show fictional beer brand in S America?
  9. What dog breed has Queen Elizabeth II traditionally had as pets?
  10. Called the IPK, the standard (What?) is a platinum-iridium cylinder at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sevres France?
  11. Evel (EVEL) is an acronymic word for the controversial 21stC UK parliamentary proposition 'English (What?) for English (What?)', following devolution of self-governing powers to Scotland and Wales?
  12. The Apple watch launched Apr 2015 is called the: isecs; iface; itic; or Apple Watch?
  13. The Silfra fissure, in the Pingvallavatn valley, uniquely offering scuba-diving between the N American and Euroasian tectonic plates is in: Iceland; Tenerife; Russia; or Ascension Island?
  14. Which Czech-born Swiss won two Wimbledon championships in 2015, 17 years after her previous Championship victory?
  15. Coty Inc., is a French-founded German-owned, US-based company specialising in: Sports cars; Shotguns; Beauty/fragrances; or Writing instruments?
  16. Funchal is the capital of which Portuguese autonomous island territory?
  17. Name the 2015 Disney animated film about the workings of a child's mind, praised by psychologists/neuroscientists?
  18. What UK FMCG brand did Sylvester Stallone endorse in a 2015 £muli-million ad campaign: Warburtons Bread; Marmite; Durex; or Brylcreem?
  19. The French 'petanque' is a: Fruit omelette; Balls game; Triangular Parisien haircut; or Dogs-and-owners national dance?
  20. The long-standing circular VW (Volkswagen) logo contains the V and W characters and how many gaps between the circular and letter shapes: 5; 6; 7 or 8?


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