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quizballs 368 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which of these is not a play by Russian author Anton Chekhov: Three Sisters; The Cherry Orchard; The Seagull; or Black Hawk Down? Black Hawk Down
  2. The foreground (€) and background of the official sign for the Euro currency are respectively (which two of these): White; Yellow; Orange; Green; Blue; or Red? Yellow and Blue (foreground € and background)
  3. The North American Gold Rush of 1849 brought vast immigration to: Colorado; California; Texas; or Florida? California
  4. Complete the four-life-stage metamorphosis of insects: Embryo/What?/Pupa/Imago: Larva; Cocoon; Chrysalis; or Nymph? Larva (e.g., caterpillars, grubs, maggots)
  5. Tyson Fury, Wladimir Klitschko, and Dereck Chisora are notable 21st Century: TV chefs; Ballet dancers; Heavyweight boxers; or Perfume/fashion houses? Heavyweight boxers
  6. In 2015 what iconic acronymic 1952-founded music publication became free and extended to lifestyle? NME (or fully New Musical Express)
  7. In what 1986 Neil Jordan film is Bob Hoskins a driver for Cathy Tyson's prostitute: The Scream; Sunflowers; Mona Lisa; or Dogs Playing Poker? Mona Lisa
  8. Russian billionaire industrialist Roman Abramovich's investment corporation is called '(What?) Capital': Workhouse; Millhouse; Warehouse; or Farmhouse? Millhouse (latterly abbreviated/reconstituted to MHC Ltd)
  9. The word Eintracht in German soccer/sports club names equates to: United; City; Athletic; or Old Boys? United (literally, harmony or concord)
  10. Choppy, Fannings, Golden Flowery, and Tippy are grades of: Coffee; Tea; Cocoa; or Gin? Tea (respectively leaves, particles [for tea-bags], early tips/buds, and lots of tips)
  11. Dermalogica, Olay, Clearasil, and Nutrogena are brands of: Sunglasses; Skincare; Cooking oils; or Automotive polishes? Skincare
  12. A cooked lobster changes from: Pink to Black; Black to Brown; Blue to Orange; or Green to White? Blue to Orange
  13. Built 1406-1420 as a political HQ/palace, The Forbidden City is in: Moscow; Beijing; Cairo; or Dublin? Beijing
  14. What human joint, in Latin 'cubitum', has a pit and bony protrusion called olecranon: Knee; Elbow; Jaw; or Hip? Elbow (the ancient cubit measure, roughly 18inches/44cm, was based on a forearm, to elbow)
  15. Ginger Baker is considered one of the greatest ever virtuoso players of the: Piano; Drums; Flute; or Harmonica? Drums
  16. Thailand's currency, the 10th most used globally (at 2015) is the: Bahl; Baht; Haht; or Glohv? Baht
  17. The Fiestas de San Firmin, held every July in Spain, is famed for what risky public event? Running of the Bulls (or equivalent term, at Pamplona)
  18. The world's most accurate clocks (early 21st century) are precise to one second every approximately how many years: 160; 1,600; 16,000, or 160 million? 160 million
  19. The fictitious South American city/country El Dorado was abundant with: Milk and honey; Gold; Music; or Dinosaurs? Gold (in Spanish, 'the gilded one')
  20. Cassowary, Rhea, Weka, and Snoring Rail are birds which do not: Drink; Eat; Sleep; or Fly? Fly


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