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quizballs 367 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What 'Renaissance' concept was the best selling children's toy/TV franchise globally in 1990? Teeange Mutant Ninja Turtles (their Renaissance artists' names: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello)
  2. The popular motivation choice analogy refers to which two of these: Gun; Apple; Stick; Whip; Carrot; or Buck? Carrot and Stick
  3. The Canadian 1972-founded global Aldo corporation specialises in: Babywear; Footwear; Kitchenware; or Budget groceries? Footwear
  4. The adjective 'moot' describing an issue/standpoint means: Hidden; Debatable; Stupid; or Insulting? Debatable (also the verb 'to moot' means to raise or suggest [a point/issue] - moot derives from old English 'mot', a meeting or debating assembly, from earlier German, similar to the origins of 'meet')
  5. What French port became an increasingly tense bottleneck/encampment for refugees seeking to reach the UK in the 2010s? Calais
  6. A Gaelic sliotar/sliothar features in several field sports as a type of: Ball; Racket; Rifle; or Headguard? Ball (notably in Hurling)
  7. Which nation acquired sovereignty of Carribean archipelago Puerto Rico in 1898, ongoing as its territory to 2010s: Brazil; USA; UK; or Spain? USA
  8. What Anglicized French term for a comedy and food stuffing (breadcrumbs/herbs, etc), was originally an allusion to jocular material 'stuffed' into serious religious plays? Farce (from farcir, to stuff)
  9. The Japanese cartoon character devised in 1974 worth over $5bn as a TV/fashion franchise is 'Hello (What?)': Doggy; Puppy; Kitty; or Chicky? Kitty
  10. Which nation's Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in June 2015: USA; China; Russia; or India? USA
  11. What famous ship is also a reward, especially for capturing someone/something dangerous? Bounty (as in mutiny on the Bounty, Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh, etc., 1789)
  12. The seahorse (Hippocampus) is technically a Fish; Mollusc; Reptile; or Plant? Fish
  13. What significant event in Europe in July 2015 entailed the selection of NAI or OXI? Greek bailout referendum, 2015 (or similar description) Bonus points: what do NAI and OXI each mean? Yes and No (OXI was the majority result, ie., Greek refusal to accept the EU conditions for ongoing EU financial support/'bailout')
  14. The Bodleian, George Peabody, Congress, and Vatican are famous: Libraries; Brandies; Stretch limousines; or Berlin nightclubs? Libraries (respectively in Oxford, Baltimore, Washington DC, Vatican City)
  15. Which popular (2015) online brand's logo is three parallel black arcs inside a green disc? Spotify
  16. The 1956 fictional movie of the discovery of rock'n'roll featuring Bill Haley and the Comets is Rock Around the (What?): Block; Dock; Clock; or Loch? Clock
  17. The 'puri/poori/puree' in the Indian dish 'prawn puri' refers to what aspect: Sauce; Spice; Bread; or Sugar? Bread (puri is unleavened deep-fried bread)
  18. Spell the Iraqi capital city: Baghdad; Bagdhad; Bahgdad; or Bhagdad? Baghdad
  19. In the iconic 1962 western film, the fictional character Liberty Valance features in the story/title as the man who is: President; Shot; Blind; or Drunk? Shot (the film is 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance')
  20. What travels at 270,000mph, is hotter than the sun, and kills over 20,000 people every year? Lightning


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