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  1. The rhea is a large South American species of: Cactus; Mountain Lion; Flightless Bird; or Rabbit?
  2. What is the English meaning of the African nation's name Sierra Leone?
  3. Orson Welles' iconic character in the film The Third Man is: Fred Plum; Jason Orange; Harry Lime; or Harry Berry?
  4. On which Mediterranean island was Napoleon Bonaparte exiled in 1814 prior to his resurgence and subsequent defeat at Waterloo a year later?
  5. Noted for cameos in The Simpsons and other TV/music, name the only person (at 2015) ever to act as himself in Star Trek?
  6. The Defender is a longstanding model of which automotive company? Landrover; Lotus; Toyota; or Bentley?
  7. What is 11,000 divided by 440: 25; 35; 45; or 55?
  8. What was the location of London's famous 17th century 'Frost Fairs': Covent Garden; Petticoat Lane; Blackheath Common; or The River Thames?
  9. UPC and EAN refer to what common feature on retailed product packaging?
  10. What controversial American emblem had three different versions, 1861-65, called The.. 'Stars and Bars', 'Stainless Banner' and 'Blood-Stained Banner'?
  11. What is the famous scenic wooded area of SW Germany which gave its name to a locally originating chocolate and cherry cake?
  12. A loofah (or luffa) bath sponge is previously a sort of: Sea creature; Recycled plastic; Insect nest; or Cucumber?
  13. The famous tea brandname Typhoo, created c.1903 by the Sumner pharmacy/grocers in Birmingham UK, is from the Chinese word for: Doctor; Drink; Tea; or Coffee?
  14. What is produced by asexual reproduction from mycelium: Wasps; Fungus; Bread; or Butter?
  15. The Ross Sea is a bay of which continent?
  16. What Anglicized French word for an outdoor shelter or camp likely derives from Swiss-German 'biwacht' for night patrol?
  17. The popular website Pinterest was founded basically for: Dating; Photo-sharing; Music-sharing; or Fashion/dressmaking?
  18. Which European nation's flag has nine horizontal blue and white stripes, and top-left a white cross on a blue square?
  19. What two letters do not feature in the periodic table of chemical element symbols?
  20. A sudden unofficial walkout or industrial action by workers is called informally a (What?) strike: Cobra; Scorpion; Wildcat; or Meerkat?


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