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quizballs 364 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Psilocybin (pronounced 'sillasybin') is the natural active ingredient of: LSD; Cannabis; Ecstasy; or Magic Mushrooms? Magic Mushrooms
  2. The Swiss-founded Hublot corporation famously provides certain major sports events: Balls; Energy drinks; Timekeeping; or Artificial grass? Timekeeping (Hublot is a watchmaker)
  3. The onomatopoeic Greek originating borborygmi refers medically to: Hiccoughs/hiccups; Blisters; Headache; or Stomach rumble? Stomach rumble
  4. Which famous ex-premier's wife founded the controversial Omnia legal consultancy, accused of working for repressive nations in the 2010s? Cherie Blair
  5. What took place near Brussels, celebrated and re-enacted for its 200th anniversary in June 2015? The Battle of Waterloo
  6. Poets' Corner, which commemorates and contains remains of writers, is in which London building? Westminster Abbey
  7. Name the celebrity entrepreneur who sought to be US Republican presidential candidate in 2015? Donald Trump
  8. Inspired largely by John Calvin, the Hugeunots minorities of the 16th century were: Protestants; Jews; Royal guards; or Chefs? Protestants
  9. The piddock (Pholadidae and 'angelwings') is a rock-boring: Bird; Fish; Mollusc; or Goat? Mollusc (occurring esp near sea in the Americas)
  10. Queen's Club Championship tennis tournament is held annually on grass courts in: Sweden; London; Denmark; or New York? London (traditionally the main men's warm-up competition for Wimbledon)
  11. Which media organization successfully tested its 'mind/thought control' EEG TV/Radio remote control headset in 2015: Fox; Google; BBC; or Sony? BBC (EEG is Electroencephalography, a science by which brain activity is recorded or converted to act mechanically/electronically on something)
  12. The past tense word 'hove' refers (esp nautically) to the action of: Setting sail/embarking; Running aground; Sinking; or Lifting/hauling? Lifting/hauling (past tense of heave - as in 'heave-ho' associated with lifting anchor/ropes, dragging, etc)
  13. What famous road began in Chicago, Illinois, ending at Santa Monica, California? Route 66
  14. The celeste, which features in Tchaikovsky's 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' (The Nutcracker ballet) is a: Midnight feast; Musical instrument; Sword; or Difficult leaping action? Musical instrument (similar to a 'tinkling' glockenspiel sound, played like and usually resembling a piano - the name refers in French to 'heavenly')
  15. Meaning ruined due to neglect, spell: Decrepid; Dicrepid; Decreped; or Decrepit? Decrepit (from Latin crepitus, creaked)
  16. Amal Clooney is an internationally renowned: Actress; Gymnast; Fashion designer; or Human rights lawyer? Human rights lawyer
  17. What's the cube-root of 27,000? 30
  18. Lorelei is a famous 120 rock, and its mermaid-like water spirit, on/associated with which German river? Rhine
  19. What term, extending widely metaphorically, refers to the soldiers behind a larger group, especially giving protection while retreating? Rearguard
  20. Diegesis refers to what in a film, play, story, etc? Cast of characters; Plot; Suspense; or Laughter coefficient? Plot


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