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quizballs 362 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In 2015 The Lancet published Canadian University research asserting that weak (What?) indicates cardio-vascular health risk: Eyesight; Urine flow; Self-discipline; or Handgrip?
  2. The old legal term chattels refers to a person's entire tangible possessions except: Animals; Books; Freehold land; or Underwear?
  3. Which pseudonymous artist's most valuable works include Kissing Coppers and Vandalised Phone Box?
  4. Hosni Mubarak was ousted as leader in 2011 from which nation?
  5. The process of becoming a (What?) begins with Aspirancy, then Postulancy and Novitiate: Accountant; Catholic nun; Sumo wrestler; or EU commissioner?
  6. 'Pas de deux' in dressage and ballet equates to a what?
  7. Launched 1999, Co-op owned, claimed to be the first ever full-service internet bank was: Grin; Wink; Smile; or Larf?
  8. The mid-1900s slang term 'clip-joint' refers to a: Hairdressers; Extortionate bar/club; Cigar; or TV advert break?
  9. Prosciutto is an Italian: Ice cream; Cheese; Sparkling wine; or Ham?
  10. Wagner, Verdi, Bellini and Rossini are famous composers of particularly what type of music?
  11. Englishman Eric Arthur Blair, who fought for the Spanish Workers' Party of Marxist Unification against Franco's forces in 1936 was later known by what famous pen-name?
  12. Fly, Birkenstock, Fitflop and Tiva are notable brands of what?
  13. American jazz musician Chet Baker was a virtuoso player of the: Guitar; Trumpet; Drums; or Harmonica?
  14. Which multi-talented actor played Mr Burns and Derek Smalls?
  15. Popular in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and increasingly elsewhere, which unripened brined cheese can be fried due to its high melting-point?
  16. Which large-flowered plant is named after Paeon/Paean, Greek god of medicine and healing?
  17. If a square sheet of paper is folded diagonally in half, the resulting two sharp corners are each how many degrees?
  18. Who painted 'Women of Algiers', sold at auction for a record $160m in 2015?
  19. The old anglicized French word chatelaine refers to a woman in charge of a large: House; School; Company; or Dog?
  20. What sea creature might be punned with an expression of agreement or authorization?


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