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quizballs 361 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Swiss investigation and US prosecution mid-2015 for mismanagement/corruption was directed at: F1; IOC; FIFA; or NATO? FIFA
  2. What French word prefixes couture, cuisine and ecole meaning high quality or advanced? Haute
  3. What is a seed-eating songbird family and festive decoration? Bunting
  4. Jactitation, from Latin jactare, to throw, refers medically to: Rapid eye movement; Sneezing; Vomiting; or Limb-twitching? Limb-twitching (esp. restless leg syndrome)
  5. Of speech, 'pithy' means: Vague; Emotional; Concise; or Complex? Concise (also usually brief and hard-hitting)
  6. A 'brelfie' photo is a portmanteau of self and what activity? Breastfeeding
  7. Terroir refers to the complete environment in which what is produced? Wine (or grapes for winemaking)
  8. The cochlea is a spiral cavity of the human: Large intestine; Inner ear; Gullet; or Heart? Inner ear
  9. Name the pioneering Game Theory US mathematician featured in the film A Beautiful Mind? John Nash
  10. The Cunard organization's Elizabeth, Victoria, and Mary 2 are: Roses; Oil pipelines; Cruise ships; or Real Ales? Cruise ships
  11. Name the iconic Bond girl character introduced by Ian Fleming in 1959? Pussy Galore
  12. In 2015 Norway unveiled the world's tallest statue (10m) of a what, 30cm higher than Canada's: Elk; Whale; Butterfly; or Prawn? Elk
  13. The 'One World Trade Center' building is how many feet high, alluding to the US Declaration of Independence? 1,776
  14. Mae West said of sex and bridge "If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good (What?) Hand
  15. In the bible who betrayed Samson to the Philistines by revealing that his strength was due to his long hair? Delilah
  16. Futtocks refer to mid-timbers of old: Houses; Ships; Trains; or Planes? Ships
  17. Referring to the cause of a person's downfall, who is the Greek goddess of punishment? Nemesis
  18. What word prefixes the following to make five new words: Bound, Break; Hold; Mate, and Keeper? House
  19. Named after the first Roman emperor converted to Christianity, what is the main Black Sea port of Romania: Constanta (or Constanza)
  20. Latin 'noxa' means: Knowledge; Sleep; Harm; or Door? Harm (as in noxious)


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