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quizballs 359 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The open fourth string (4th highest) note of a conventionally tuned guitar is: A; B; C or D? D
  2. What vast Japanese corporation, with a red initial logo, was founded in Hamamatsu in 1909? Suzuki
  3. The informal term for a gangster, especially belonging to the Mafia is: Oldbuddy; Bestmate; Goodfella; or Cheeky-chappie? Goodfella
  4. A cube which measures 10 inches wide contains how many cubic inches? 1,000 (one thousand)
  5. What insulting term for disreputable/undesirable/worthless people is from Old French meaning 'one and all, every scrap'? Riff-raff (from 'rif et raf')
  6. The occupational surname Fuller, referred to a worker (who used 'Fuller's Earth') of: Wool; Ale; Wood; or Gold? Wool (specifically cleaning and thickening the raw material - Fuller's Earth was a clay used as a cleanser and whitener)
  7. Relevé refers in ballet to standing while raising: Chin; Heels; Arms; or Hat? Heels (standing demi pointe [raised heels] or en pointe [on tips of toes])
  8. Hardpad disease, affecting dogs and other species, is more commonly known by what other name? Distemper
  9. What is a female outer garment, a cut of meat; and a part of a hovercraft and saddle? Skirt
  10. What whole two-digit number is the square root of 1,369? 37
  11. The informal term referring to someone or a business seeking easy profit for poor quality provision is a 'Fly-by-(What?)': Wire; Treetops; Numbers; or Night? Night (the earlier 1700s use of this term referred to a tenant who left lodgings in the night without paying rent owed)
  12. The highly influential Giardino all'italiana (Italian garden) style of garden features: Symmetry and order; Chaos and wilderness; Fruit and Vegetables; or Hanging baskets? Symmetry and order
  13. Catarrhine and Platyrrhine differentiate respectively 'Old World' (Africa/Asia) and 'New World' (Central/S Americas): Monkeys/Apes; Horses; Bees; or Cheese? Monkeys/Apes (Catarrhine refers to close downward nostrils; Platyrrhine refers to separated flat nostrils)
  14. What weapon is named from the French word meaning scratch or graze? Rifle (referring to the scratching of spiral grooves along the barrel to encourage straight propulsion)
  15. What first name name features prominently among Russian rulers from 1332-1547, ending with '(Who?) the Terrible'? Ivan
  16. The high plateau region of SW Brazil, 'Mato Grosso', a watershed between the Amazon and Plate River, means literally: Dense Forest; Big Mountain; Fast Water; or Heavy Rain? Dense Forest
  17. The word 'quixotic', after Cervantes' 1605-15 novel Don Quixote, referring to planning/ideas, means: Brave; Mysterious; Unrealistic; or On horseback? Unrealistic (thinking or ideas that are fancifully impractical, hopelessly optimistic, etc)
  18. A car moving at 30 miles per hour will travel how far in 10 minutes? 5 miles
  19. A 'NiCad' electrical battery or cell is a portmanteau term referring to which two elemental components? Nickel and Cadmium
  20. 'God be with you' is the full original form of which common word? Goodbye


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