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quizballs 356 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What modern term for the avoidance of discriminatory language/action first emerged to describe communist beliefs in the Russian Revolution in 1917? Political Correctness
  2. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's famous 1969 personal change concept is called the Five Stages of: Man; Life; Joy; or Grief? Grief (see The Five Stages of Grief)
  3. 'bir iki üç dört beş altı yedi sekiz dokuz on' means (What?) in (Which major language?)? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten in Turkish
  4. What Swahili word became the South African humanist philosophy popularised by Desmond Tutu in SA's post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and adopted widely elsewhere? Ubuntu (having various sophisticated meanings for humankind's respect for others and our world)
  5. What ancient instrument did Orpheus play to charm creatures, rivers, and Hades in the Underworld: Harp; Zither; Lyre; or Banjo? Lyre
  6. What pluralised food term and allusion to Hansel and Gretel refers to a website navigation feature? Breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs are ascending/descending links, typically ordered left towards the home page, showing a page's position in the hierarchy/levels of a website - in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, Hansel leaves a trail of breadcrumbs, which are eaten by birds, so the two children become lost)
  7. US mathematician Edward Lorenz's 1963 paper Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow referred to a seagull, which he subsequently changed to (What creature?), representing his chaos theory observation? Butterfly (as in the Butterfly Effect)
  8. What US popular culture magazine title, founded 1967 by Jann Wenner, was inspired by three so-named 1950s/60s musical sources? Rolling Stone (sources: Muddy Water's song 'Rollin' Stone', the Rolling Stones band, and Bob Dylan's song 'Like a Rolling Stone')
  9. If a charge includes 20% added tax, the original tax-exclusive figure is calculated by multiplying the tax-inclusive total by: 0.6666; 0.75; 0.83333; or 80%? 0.83333 (technically .83333 recurring, although 0.833 would normally suffice)
  10. Which nation has the coastal state of Tabasco? Mexico
  11. Maltese physician Edward de Bono is noted for his pioneering work on: Childbirth; Heart Transplants; Lateral Thinking; or Escapology? Lateral Thinking (a term devised by de Bono - popularly alternatively called 'thinking outside of the box')
  12. The Latin zoological name 'Chaos chaos' is a: Monkey; Elephant; Bull; or Amoeba? Amoeba
  13. What takes roughly 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds: The Moon's rotation; The Moon's orbit; The Sun's rotation; or Earth's rotation? Earth's rotation
  14. A patten was a medieval version of what modern fashionwear? Platform shoe (or Stacked sole, or Wedge shoe, or equating terms - devised in the middle ages as an outer shoe to lift people above street effluent)
  15. The first independent credit payment card, inspired in 1949 by a particular service, was called '(What?) Club International': Diners; Flyers; Golfers; or Barbers? Diners
  16. Sergio Leone, Otto Preminger, Fritz Lang and Fred Zinnemann are famous 20thC: Chefs; Film directors; Racing drivers; or National leaders? Film directors
  17. What's the common technical term for the removal of a president from office, due to wrong-doing? Impeachment
  18. Name the live video streaming app bought by Twitter for $100m in 2015? Periscope
  19. In the 1970s Kevin Donovan, aka Afrika Bambaataa, pioneered the development of: Hang-gliding; Volleyball; The Frisbee; or Hip-hop and Breakdancing? Hip-hop and Breakdancing
  20. What process improvement method, pioneered by Motorola Corp in the 1980s, is named after a number and the Greek letter 's'? Six Sigma (see Six Sigma history and explanation)


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