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quizballs 355 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'String Theory' (simplified to 'M-Theory') to seeks to explain: Music; DNA and Genetics; Fraud and Cheating; or Everything in the Universe? Everything in the Universe (the fundamental particle/structure of universal matter - the theory emerged in the 1980s - later 'M-theory' variously means membrane, matrix, master, monster, etc)
  2. What medieval term, whose venues are now mostly 'town' halls (UK, Netherlands, Belgium) refers to a merchant association? Guild (hence guild hall, and European equivalents - where merchant groups would meet and develop a power-base - thought derived from 'gild' payment [of taxes] and/or 'yield' [payment/profit])
  3. The Biblical 'passover' refers to God giving which concession to certain people: Answering prayers; Making it rain; Allowing bread to rise; or Not killing the first-born in the house? Not killing the first-born in the house (where a front door was marked with lamb's blood, God 'passed-over' the house without killing the first-born)
  4. Hydropower is the harnessing of water's (What?) energy: Thermal; Kinetic; Mechanical wave; or Nuclear? Kinetic (ie, energy possessed due to motion)
  5. The words 'dystopia' and 'dystopian' refer to an imagined life/world of extreme: Perfection; Awfulness; Weather; or Vegetables? Awfulness (the word dystopia is developed from dys, bad, and Utopia, meaning a perfect world, from Thomas More's 1516 book Utopia, about a mythical perfect island/community)
  6. What concept, originated by the Duke of Wellington for military study, was named in 1959 in referring to Palo Alto's Center for Behavioral Sciences: Brainstorm; Think Tank; Mind Set; or Moral Maze? Think Tank
  7. Pat Pending, Rufus Ruffcut, the Slag Brothers and Sergeant Blast are lesser known characters in what popular 1960s TV franchise? Wacky Races
  8. The 1880-founded Northamptonshire UK company Loake Brothers, whose products unusually comprise up to 75 parts, is famed for making high quality: Guitars; Shoes; Shotguns; or Breakfast cereal? Shoes
  9. The 'PAL' warning on offensive music recordings, introduced in 1990, stands for '(What?) Advisory Label': Profanity; Performance; Pornography; or Parental? Parental
  10. The PAL warning on offensive recorded music was instigated by the author Tipper (Who?) then wife of a notable US congressman and environmental activist? Gore (wife of Al Gore)
  11. In 2015 India 'rebranded' what state provision to increase usage: Canals; Libraries; Playing fields; or Condoms? Condoms
  12. European Union production quotas, established in 1984, were abolished in 2015 for: Milk; Eggs; Wine; or Condoms? Milk
  13. In 1516 English King Henry VIII created the position 'Master of the Posts' which effectively founded/regulated the: Football Association; Royal Mail; Civil Service; or Blogging profession? Royal Mail (i.e., postal service - the 'Master of the Posts' position became Postmaster General in 1710)
  14. In 490BC Pheidippides ran fatally from Athens to Sparta to ask for help in the Battle of 'Where'? Marathon (hence, supposedly the race name - according to Herodotus, Pheidippides ran c.140 miles - the subsequent speed march of the Athenian army back to Athens from Marathon after the battle to ward off Persian forces was c.25 miles)
  15. US billionaire publisher and 3-term New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly targeted which role for 2016: Host of BBC Top Gear; FIFA President; UN Secretary General; or London Mayor? London Mayor
  16. 'Godwin's Law', concerned with a particular factual perspective, refers to the inappropriate comparison of something/someone with: The Middle Ages; Hitler/Nazi Germany; Dinosaurs; or Falling off a Log? Hitler/Nazi Germany (author Michael Godwin conceived the term to preserve historical perspective of Nazi atrocities, and minimize their dilution by trivial comparisons)
  17. Primavera Verano Otono Invierno are what time-related elements in Spanish? Spring Summer Autumn Winter (or Fall for Autumn)
  18. The TSX, which includes the S&P/TSX 60, is the (What?) of (Which nation?) in (Which city?) - three answers required? Stock Exchange of Canada in Toronto (TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange - incidentally S&P stands for Standard & Poor, the US financial services corporation)
  19. In 2015 on Tahiti, 4,750 people broke the world record for the biggest ensemble playing of: Harmonicas; Ukuleles; Violins; or Pianos? Ukuleles
  20. Mathematicians Leonhard Euler and Augustus Mobius pioneered 'geometria situs' ('geometry of place'), later called: Topology; Astronomy; General Relativity; or Geography? Topology (the study of features preserved within altered shapes, from Greek topos, place, + ology - see the amazing Mobius strip puzzle, and Euler puzzles)


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