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quizballs 354 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The word marmalade is from Portuguese 'marmelo', meaning: Sugar; Quince; Boil; or Breakfast? Quince (the original traditional fruit used in making marmalade)
  2. Commonly used in batteries, what is the lightest metal and least dense solid element? Lithium
  3. Reflected in the names of its holes and reputation, the famously scenic Augusta National Golf Course was previously a: Bird sanctuary; Lake; Cemetery; or Plant nursery? Plant nursery
  4. Minyan is a quorum of ten adult males required for public worship in: Sikhism; Judaism; Catholicism; or Buddhism? Judaism (Hebrew meaning 'reckoning')
  5. Name the fantasy flat world on which the 2015 posthumously published novel The Shepherd's Crown is set? Discworld (by Terry Pratchett)
  6. What word commonly follows Plastic, Food, Saran, Glad and Cling in its geographical variations? Wrap (the food wrapping - or acceptably but less correctly Film)
  7. In 1964, the first commoner featured on a British postage stamp was: Bobby Charlton; William Shakepeare; The Duke of Wellington; or Dennis the Menace? William Shakepeare
  8. Australia's Liberal National, USA's Democratic, and Israel's Likud political parties are all traditionally branded what colour/color? Blue
  9. A misanthrope specifically avoids/dislikes: Females; Males; Children; or People generally? People generally (technically society)
  10. The 1957 'Synchrocyclotron' near Geneva was the forerunner for what world's biggest machine, 'LHC' built 1998-2008? Large Hadron Collider
  11. What is the fourth root of 16? 2
  12. Name the artist-owned music streaming service launched in 2015 by rapper Jay-Z? Tidal
  13. The traditional Turkish jelick or yelek, the derivation of an Anglicized French garment name is a: Glove; Waistcoat; Hat; or Sock? Waistcoat (or vest, typically female outer garment - hence Gilet, the modern padded waistcoat)
  14. Flint, Match, Wheel, and Percussion were early mechanisms for what? Firearms (or Guns, or equivalents - referring to the lock mechanisms enabling firing)
  15. 'Badi Bhabhi', meaning ‘eldest brother’s wife’, refers typically to the senior female in family groups common in: Italy; India; Russia; or the Game of Thrones? India (and the Indian sub-continent, in Hindu society and especially in extended-family businesses)
  16. What 'definite article' pluralised term, refers to a sports affliction restricting/interrupting fine movements and ball release/striking, especially in golf putting? The Yips
  17. Whose emblem, representing a merger with DKW, Horch and Wanderer, was subject to an unsuccessful trademark action by the IOC in 1995? Audi (IOC = International Olympics Committee)
  18. MIPS means what in computing speed? Million Instructions Per Second
  19. What sort of sports shoe is the Adidas Stan Smith: Soccer; Golf; Tennis; or Ten-Pin Bowling? Tennis
  20. Name the European cities whose airports are coded as: CPH, MUC, ZRH, and SPU? Copenhagen CPH, Munich MUC, Zurich ZRH, and Split SPU


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