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quizballs 352 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Sugar melted to its hottest confectionery stage naturally produces: Fudge; Butterscotch; Caramel; or Licorice?
  2. Which two of these works were written by writers who died within a day of each other on 22/23 April 1616: Don Quixote; Treasure Island; Lord of the Rings; Measure for Measure?
  3. Taisho (1st World War), and Heisei (late 1900s/early 2000 - 'the lost decade') are periods of which nation's history?
  4. Founded c1940 by art historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, and still expanding, Pevsner Guides are major reference for British: Porcelain; Architecture; Fashionwear; or Used Cars?
  5. Which popular BBC children's TV characters ate 'blue string pudding', The... : Wombles; Clangers; Flower Pot Men; or Krankies?
  6. (At early 2000s) the only nation in the world with effectively no shortage of donated human organs, due to a free market in their trade is: India; Japan; USA; or Iran?
  7. Invented in 1656, what was the most reliable time-keeping technology until the 1930s: Water clock; Sundial; Quartz oscillator; or Pendulum clock?
  8. Michael Ibsen, descendent and 2012 DNA match-proof for English King Richard III, was also (What?) at Richard III's reinterment in 2015: Choirmaster; Casket-maker; Priest; or Police chief?
  9. Approximately how many litres of water is required to produce a kilo of grain-fed beef: 50; 300; 1,000; or 15,000?
  10. Proposed in 1776, 'E pluribus unum' ('One from many'), is on the national seal and banknotes of which nation?
  11. What medieaval English word for 'expensive food' (due to a famine), came to mean 'a scarcity' (of anything)?
  12. What discipline is practised according to Vaganova/Russian, French, and Cecchetti methods?
  13. A circle with a 12 metre radius has an area of roughly how many square metres: 27; 68; 179; or 452?
  14. What occasionally Anglicised German word instructs that something is not permitted?
  15. The Greek city Lacedaemon, (hence 'laconic' = minimal yet efficient language), also produced a word for frugality, from its more common name of what?
  16. What anabolic steroid is the principal male sex hormone?
  17. Lawyer Marvin Mitchelson coined what portmanteau term in 1977 when representing actor Lee Marvin's ex-partner?
  18. South Korea's national dish 'kimchi' (kimchee/gimchi), with variants in nearby countries, is seasoned aged pickled/fermented: Cabbage; Crocodile; Crab; or Chocolate?
  19. "I wandered lonely as a cloud" is William Wordsworth's poem about: Bluebells; Daffodils; Buttercups; or Pansies?


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