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quizballs 351 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which profession (western world) traditionally wears a toque blanche with a hundred folds? Chef (or Cook - supposedly the 100 folds in a chef's white toque hat are said to represent the many ways an egg can be cooked)
  2. Zener cards (25 x five of each symbols: circle, cross, star, square and three wavy lines) are used in testing: Colour blindness; ESP/clairvoyance; Memory; or Gambling addiction? ESP/clairvoyance (ESP = extrasensory perception, 'mind-reading' - named after psychologist Karl Zener, 1903–1964)
  3. What West African Republic, on the river of the same name, is a narrow 200 mile east-west strip within Senegal: Ivory Coast; Gambia; Morocco; or Western Sahara? Gambia (or The Gambia)
  4. What metal, whose symbol is its first and third letters, is loosely called spelter? Zinc
  5. The 2013 Disney animation Frozen is based on what Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, in Danish 'Snedronningen'? The Snow Queen
  6. A grassland/lawn scarifier machine controls: Moss/thatch; Moles; Birds; or Worms? Moss/thatch (grass thatch is general organic growth and waste that impedes healthy grass)
  7. The conventional symbol for electrical current is: c; p; i; or o? i (upper or lower case - from French 'intensité de courant' and English 'current intensity')
  8. US president Theodore Roosevelt's quote (from which a style of state foreign policy is named), is "Speak softly and carry a big...": Gun; Carrot; Stick; or Bible? Stick (hence 'big stick diplomacy/ideaology/philosophy')
  9. The major global fashion retailer H&M stands for: Hearts and Minds; Hertzog and Muller; Hennes and Mauritz; or Hosiers and Milliners? Hennes and Mauritz (Hennes, which means 'hers' in Swedish, merged with Mauritz Widforss to become H&M)
  10. What seed-eating bird, genus fringilla, native to Europe/Asia/N Africa, is named after cereal crop waste from which it forages? Chaffinch (after chaff, cereal husks/waste)
  11. The popular expression referring to unintelligent effort in resolving a practical challenge is: Raw Power and Rage; Brute Force and Ignorance; Big Muscles and Blasphemy; or Grunt and Grimace? Brute Force and Ignorance
  12. Noted for his humilty and rejection of personal wealth/benefits Jose Mujica was the former guerrilla fighter and popular president of which South American country 2010-15? Uruguay (while president and afterwards he lived on a small farm and drove an old VW Beetle, while at 2015 Uruguay is the highest ranking Latin American nation for peace, happiness, democracy and many other socio-economic indicators)
  13. LOX, a common modern rocket fuel, is an abbreviation for what? Liquid Oxygen
  14. American businessman and philanthropist Solomon Guggenheim (1861-1949) established a famous eponymous international network of: Theatres; Museums; Spas; or Coffee shops? Museums (of modern art)
  15. Lafarge, Holcim, and Heidelberg are among the world's leading producers of: Sugar; Drinks; Cement; or Toiletries? Cement (and stone-based construction materials)
  16. The longest side of a right-angled triangle whose short sides are both 50cms long is: 55cms; 70.71cms; 93.33cms; or 100cms? 70.71cms (the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the square of the other two sides, ie, the square root of 5,000 = 70.71)
  17. An enclave nation is (What?) by another nation: Ruled; Surrounded; Protected; or Given independence? Surrounded (for example Vatican City is an enclave within Italy - from the French word, enclaver, enclose)
  18. Jean-Marie and daughter Marine Le Pen are leading figures in French extreme: Cuisine; Sports; Politics; or Performance Art? Politics (founder/leaders of the French National Front Party)
  19. Sabatier, Victorinox and Füritechnics are leading makers of Kitchen: Glassware; Knives; Blenders/mixers; or Sinks? Knives
  20. Cryogenics is the study of materials in extreme: Cold; Heat; Pressure; or Altitude? Cold


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