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quizballs 350 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In the conventional game of darts, 'madhouse' is the name given to a 'Double-(What?)' finish? One
  2. What mathematical term for a part derives from ecclesiastical Latin for 'breaking bread'? Fraction
  3. What does the television acronym HDMI stand for? High Definition Multimedia Interface
  4. What's the cube root of 125,000? 50
  5. The cemetery of which chaotic 16th century London hospital became a major archeological project in 2015? Bedlam (its original name Bethlehem is also an acceptable answer, if less correct)
  6. Michelin star chef Kevin Lowe moved from Heston Blumenthal's organization in 2015 to: The Ivy; McDonald's; Buckingham Palace; or Lidl? Lidl
  7. A 'Copyright Library' or 'National Library' is typically (US, Can., UK, Australia and much of Europe) enabled by long-standing statute to have a free: Cafe; Entry; or Copy of every book published in its country? Copy of every book published in its country
  8. Which dog breed was popularized in the Oscar winning 2012 silent film The Artist? Jack Russell
  9. What 'rare' noble gas element used in lighting was discovered in 1898 and named after Greek 'new'? Neon
  10. What are Fire, Crew, Timbers, Dynamo, Galaxy and Earthquakes? USA Soccer Clubs (soccer clubs or association football clubs would be acceptable answers) Bonus point for each complete name? Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, Houston Dynamo, Portland Timbers, Los Angeles or LA Galaxy, and San Jose Earthquakes
  11. The byssal threads of a water-dwelling mussel which attach to a surface are commonly called its: Hair; Beard; Moustache; or Sideburns? Beard
  12. The typical unit measure of 3.6MJ (mega joules) by which electric power is typically sold is more commonly called one: Volt; Amp; Coulomb; or Kilowatt/hour? Kilowatt/hour (or Kwh or similar)
  13. (As at early 2000s) which non-Olympic women's athletic event has a world record points total of just over 5,000 points? Pentathlon (replaced by the heptathlon in the 1984 Olympics)
  14. Among suggestions of people's most loved words, 'defenestration' means throwing a: Spear; Fit; Party; or Person/Object out of a Window? Person/Object out of a Window
  15. According to the noted sociobiologist/zoologist Desmond Morris, the OXO brand chiefly succeeds because it represents: Oxen (beef cattle); Plates and cutlery; Ancient Hieroglyphics for 'Family Meal'; or The Human Face? The Human Face
  16. Which two of these are not among the five biggest cities of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Palma, Benidorm? Palma and Benidorm (the others are at 2015 ranked 1,2,3)
  17. Mate (or maté, yerba mate, or chimarrão) is a popular South American-originating: Drink; Dance; Jerky (dried chewing meat); or Horse-riding contest? Drink (a caffeinated tea-like infusion)
  18. Amazon's next-day delivery service censured for breaching UK advertising standards is: Optimum; Premium; Prime; or Inertia? Prime (which used 'inertia selling' to convert a free trial into a paid service)
  19. What medieval war cry, popularised by Shakespeare with the phrase 'dogs of war', means destruction? Havoc (in Shakepseare's Julius Caesar, Anthony says "Cry 'havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war..." - see havoc in cliches origins)
  20. An enemy group within and threatening a larger entity is called a '(What?) Column': Second; Third; Fourth; or Fifth? Fifth (hence 'fifth columnist' refers to member of a revolutionary group which seeks the downfall of a leadership under which it operates - the term originates from Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General in the Spanish Civil War, in referring to an actual 5th column of militia, intended to rise against the Republican occupation of Madrid, in support of the advancing first four columns, c.1936 - the expression was later popularized by Hemmingway's 1938 play/book written in Madrid during the war, The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories)


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