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quizballs 348 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The world's bitterest chemical Denatonium, branded 'Bitrex' and 'Aversion', is used in: Beer; Haribo Tangfastic; MacDonald's sauces; or Shampoo?
  2. The famous song Una Paloma Blanca means in Spanish a white: Rose; Dove; Wine; or Knuckle?
  3. Which city has the most moving bridges in the world: Venice; London; Chicago; or Riyadh?
  4. The traditional African instrument called a djembe is a small: Drum; Harmonica; Trumpet; or Piano?
  5. In music what note is a tone above B?
  6. The bench seats of the British House of Commons and House of Lords are respectively: Green/Red; Blue/Green; Black/Brown; or Silver/Gold?
  7. Which South-Asian curry dish is named from Persian 'two onions'?
  8. The Greek word praxis refers to what, contrasting with theory: Practice; Experimentation; Intuition; or Nonsense?
  9. US veterinary pathologist Daniel Salmon (1850-1914) oversaw the discovery of what, named eponymously?
  10. What famous striped creature shares the same genus as the onager and kiang?
  11. What old prefix word makes five new words in front of: Gram; Centre/Center; Cure; Tome; and Thalamus?
  12. K'ung Futse (Venerated Master Kong) is better known as which major philosopher and religious founder?
  13. Scorpion W2 (USA), Woodland Pattern (USA), Flecktarn (Germany), and Multi-Terrain Pattern (UK) are notable designs of what?
  14. The Astros, Rockets, and (defunct) Oilers are sports clubs of which city?
  15. What informal term for illicit or counterfeit product derives from smuggling liquor in footwear?
  16. Oslo University claimed in 2015 that the Bubonic plague outbreaks of the middle ages were caused by flea-carrying: Cats; Horses; Chickens; or Gerbils? (not rats as traditionally believed)
  17. What February saint's day traditionally sees a following rise in residential property markets?
  18. The successful and regionally dominant people called Goths in medieval times were: North-African; South-Asian; East-Germanic; or West-Indian?
  19. The 16th century vast eight-choir musical work 'Spem in alium' by Thomas Tallis became a best seller in 2012 after featuring in which controversial book?
  20. Catatonia is a technical term for: Ancient Cypus; Human stupor; Salt-water; or Feline miaowing?


quizballs 348 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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