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quizballs 345 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is an American orchestra pit, a French criminal prosecution department, and wooden-block flooring? Parquet (from French, 'small park' meaning a delineated area)
  2. In geometry a lozenge is alternatively called (What?)-shaped: Ball; Disk; Diamond; or Pear? Diamond (more technically also rhombus)
  3. The maxim, "Don't try to catch a falling knife..." is used in: Cooking; Juggling; Social work; or Share trading? Share trading (it warns against buying shares whose price is falling)
  4. Which three of these countries have together produced over 70% of the world's olive oil: Spain, Russia, Italy, Japan, Greece, Nigeria? Spain, Italy, Greece
  5. Name the popular music identification app founded in 1999 whose paid-for version is sub-titled Encore? Shazam
  6. Tierce/tierced refer to a part/division of: Two; Three; Four; or Five? Three
  7. Used widely today, Irish Capt William Sankey devised his eponymous flow-(what?), for a steam engine in 1898: Valve; Gauge; Switch; or Diagram? Diagram (A Sankey diagram shows different volumes of flow/materials represented by proportionately different widths of arrows or lines, rather like branches of a tree)
  8. What in Italian music terminology is the opposite of legato (smooth, unbroken, flowing)? Staccato (sharply separated - or Staccatissimo, an extreme staccato)
  9. A distributed printed book/newspaper (16-18thC), named from an occupational surname for a travelling salesman is a: Chapbook; Ladrag; Fellowsheet; or Matemag? Chap (from Chapman, and earlier Cheapman, and old English 'ceap', meaning barter - a chapman was a peddler or tinker who sold pots, pans, etc., and chapbooks..)
  10. Silk/fine yarn with a core or wire/cord, used for upholstery trim is called: Limp; Gimp; Pimp; or Wimp? Gimp
  11. The opposing terms 'backing and 'veering' refer to a changing direction of: Ocean currents; Cattle-driving; Wind; or Culinary whisking/stirring? Wind (veering means a clockwise wind direction change; backing means anti-clockwise)
  12. Marron glacé is a confection of glazed sugar-coated what? Chestnuts (or sweet chestnuts)
  13. Name the debatably categorized celestial body that NASA's New Horizons probe targeted in 2015 after 9 years and 3bn miles? Pluto (called a 'dwarf planet' since 2006)
  14. If something is pensile it is: Big; Small; Hanging down; or Sticking up? Hanging down (from the Latin pendere, hang, related to pendulus/pendulum)
  15. Lenticular refers to something: Before Easter; Borrowed; Bean/pulse-like; or Lens-related/shaped? Lens-related/shaped
  16. Emetophobia is a fear of what human product/action? Vomit/Vomiting (either answer acceptable, or words equating)
  17. The Old English word pyx or pix (e.g., in the Royal Mint's 'Trial of the Pyx' coin quality test) refers to a small ceremonial/religious: Hat; Lidded container; Dagger; or Furnace? Lidded container (from Greek pyxis, box - The 'Trial of the Pyx' refers to a traditional box in which minted coins were presented to adjudicators checking conformance to standard - pix/pyx containers also feature in the Christian rituals of the Eucharist, to hold communion bread)
  18. Which vast US corporation confidentially settled a c.13year dispute in 2010 with The Smiley Company for the use of the smiley face logo? Walmart
  19. The prefix 'proto' means: Test; Instructional; Original/primative; or Single/unique? Original/primative (from Greek protos, first)
  20. What popular collective UK brand was first called 'unclaimed' and then 'peace'; reshaped and individually named (c.1989) Brilliant, Bubbles, Bonny, Boofuls, Bigheart and Bumper; thrown by fans at The Beatles; and used as a conflict diffuser by Dr Who? Jelly Babies


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