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quizballs 344 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Monsieur Rapide (French), Don Ocupado (Spanish), Meneertje Druk (Dutch), Unser Herr Schnell (German), and Bay Hýzlý (Turkish) are international versions of which character, from a children's book series? Mr Busy (of Hargreaves' Mr Men)
  2. What food can be a wheel and contain eyes or veins? Cheese (a circular block is a wheel; air bubbles/holes are eyes; and blue mold is veins)
  3. How many different ways can six 8-stud Lego bricks be combined: 15; 863; 9,222; or Over 900 million? Over 900 million
  4. 'Cut-and-Come-Again' is an informal term in: Horticulture; Barbering; Tailoring; or Film-making? Horticulture (especially green vegetables, herbs, and flowers that can be repeatedly harvested)
  5. Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed by its eruption in 79AD, are nearby which major modern city? Naples (or Napoli)
  6. Electrum and Doré bullion are alloys of which two metals? Gold and Silver
  7. Strumming the open strings of a standard-tuned guitar produces the chord: C; G6; Dmajor7th; or Eminor7th(add11)? Eminor7th(add11)
  8. Fowler's Vacola, Kilner, Mason, and Weck are brands/designs of what? Glass jars (or similar answer - they are airtight and re-useable, for preserving fruit, etc)
  9. Menchie's is a popular US international chain founded to supply what frozen product? Yoghurt
  10. The 'river herring' fish, or genus Alosa, which lives in sea and spawns in rivers, is popularly known as a: Fad; Shad; Lad; or Glad? Shad
  11. ISO 9407 Mondopoint, Brannock, and Paris Point are systems for sizing: Pencils; Shoes; Horses; or Wigs? Shoes
  12. What term derived from French 'on equal terms' is a popular domestic job? Au pair
  13. Walt Disney unsuccessfully asked The Beatles to provide which creatures' voices in a famous 1967 film? Vultures (in The Jungle Book)
  14. The famous Hallé symphony orchestra was founded and is based in which city: Berlin; Paris; Vienna; or Manchester? Manchester (first established by 1857 pianist and conductor Charles Hallé)
  15. 'Tam o' Shanter' in Scottish poet Robert Burns' 1790 poem of that name is a: Village; Farmer; Sword; or Soup? Farmer (the Tam o' Shanter cap is named after this character)
  16. The US-English spelling of 'celiac' (disease, of gluten allergy) is spelled how in earlier UK-English? Coeliac (also meaning abdomen/intestine, from Latin coeliacus, and Greek koilia, belly)
  17. Known as a 'jumper dress' in US-English what garment is named originally from its being attached to the front of a dress? Pinafore (or pinny - from 'pin' and 'afore')
  18. Name the Soviet Russian orbiting space station, continuously occupied 1989-99 until its replacement by the International Space Station? Mir
  19. Pinchbeck, a 1700s alloy of copper and zinc, was a popular alternative for: Lead; Gold; Snuff; or Baking foil? Gold (especially 'gold' jewellery - Pinchbeck was originated by London clockmaker Christopher Pinchbeck)
  20. Originating in the 2nd World War aftermath, name the five member nations of the enduring and powerful 'Five Eyes' ('FVEY') intelligence alliance? Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA


quizballs 344 - free general knowledge quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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