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quizballs 341 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The cylindrical roller in a traditional typewriter is a: Typebar; Shift; Platen; or Carriage? Platen
  2. What's the food 'head cheese' alternatively called, which separately refers to a man's physical strength? Brawn (a mixture of offal from an animal's head, pressed in aspic jelly)
  3. The Indian wind instrument, the pungi (also been or bin), is associated with what street activity? Snake charming
  4. Name the UK businessman who ruined his eponymous empire overnight by calling one of his products 'total crap'? Gerald Ratner (the Ratner's jewellery corporation was rebranded 'Signet' - the relevant extract of his speech to the UK Institute of Directors in April 1991: "...We also do cut-glass sherry decanters complete with six glasses on a silver-plated tray... all for £4.95... People say, 'How can you sell this for such a low price?..' I say, 'Because it's total crap.' " - consequently such own-foot-shooting by a business leader has become known as the 'Ratner effect')
  5. The emblem of the Rainforest Alliance, which promotes and certifies sustainable rainforest business globally, is a green: Parrot; Frog; Spider; or Ant? Frog
  6. Expressed traditionally as N s, what in physics is the product of mass and velocity? Momentum (mass x velocity = momentum, which is measured in Newton seconds, or Kg m/s)
  7. Astronomers refer to a planetary position potentially enabling Earthlike conditions as the '(What?) Zone': Goldilocks; Snow White; Sleeping Beauty; or Dumbo? Goldilocks (neither too hot nor too cold, i.e., just the right distance from a sun - an allusion to 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and the quality of the porridge)
  8. FAST is the very apt acronym for recognizing and reacting to what sort of medical emergency: Heart attack; Stroke; Concussion; or Hypothermia? Stroke (standing for Face, Arms, Speech, Time - see the full meaning of the FAST acronym)
  9. What's the total score, and penalty, for this snooker break (succession of balls potted by one player): Red, Pink, Red, Brown, Red, Yellow, Red, White (having nominated Black)? (two answers required) 16 break, and 7 penalty (1+6+1+4+1+2+1=16, then -7 penalty for the foul White when Black [7] was nominated)
  10. The German Imannuel Kant, Englishman Bertrand Russell, and American John Dewey, were notable: Footballers; Philosophers; Generals; or Opera singers? Philosophers
  11. Latin 'lardum' refers to: Beef; Bacon; Mutton; or Duck? Bacon
  12. What Latin-languages term informally refers to a chaplain in the armed services? Padre
  13. What is a feature of wood, sand, cereal, and also 0.0648 grams? Grain (the smallest weight in the Troy weight system, based on a grain of corn/wheat)
  14. The popular slogan, originating 1930s, for a persisting leading brand is "Don't say brown, say (What?)'? Hovis (bread)
  15. What word meaning official procedure derives ultimately from Greek root words for first and glue? Protocol (from protos and kolla)
  16. What does the military abbreviation 'Gy Sgt' stand for? Gunnery Sergeant
  17. What word, from a US dietary reformist, refers to unsifted wholewheat flour: Graham; Peter; Kenneth; or Nigel? Graham (after Sylvester Graham, 1794-1851)
  18. The British term 'The Gnomes of Zurich' originated in the 1960s to disparage: FIFA; NATO; Swiss financiers; or Eurovision Song Contest judges? Swiss financiers (due to their undermining UK creditworthiness, the term was popularized by the UK Labour government ministers Harold Wilson and George Brown c.1964)
  19. The long-standing flag of New Zealand (to 2015) has how many stars, based on Crux, the Southern Cross constellation: One; Four; Sixteen; or Thirty-nine? Four (the design is liable to referendum/change 2015-16)
  20. The 17th century mythical French creature, the Hippogryph/Hippogriff is a hybrid of: Horse-Eagle; Hippopotamus-Fish; Man-machine; or Turtle-Dove? Horse-Eagle (body of horse, head/wings of eagle - from Greek hippos = horse; Italian grifo = griffin [eagle])


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