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quizballs 340 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The lowest pitch string on a conventionally tuned violin is: G; D; A; or E?
  2. A pointe shoe is worn in: Military parade; Ballet; Rock-climbing; or Horse-racing?
  3. Named after a German physicist, what is the international (SI) unit of frequency, defined as one cycle per second?
  4. The variously-used brandname Trocadero, is from a 19th century European: Battle; King; Weapon; or Chocolate drink?
  5. In maths/logic, the process of using one or more statements/facts to achieve a logical conclusion is known as: Reduction; Deduction; Induction; or Long division?
  6. Who wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Das Kapital (1867)?
  7. The original meaning of capital (financial/money) referred to 'caput', head, specifically head of: Company; Table; Cattle; or Steam?
  8. In categorizing workplace skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) typically represents (What?) skill: Hard; Soft; Labor/Labour; or Life?
  9. Satin is traditionally/originally made from what fibre?
  10. Known as the Toison d'Or (French), Goldenen Vlies (Germany), and Toisón de Oro (Spain), the historic European supreme award is The Order of the (What ancient authority symbol?)
  11. The Erythraean Sea, lying between Africa and Asia is more commonly called the (What?) Sea?
  12. What (at 2015) is the only major nation of the world which charges income tax on its citizens working overseas?
  13. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are collectively known as (What?) religions, referring to their founding biblical character?
  14. Vande Mataram (I praise thee, Mother) is the national song of which BRIC nation?
  15. What abbreviated company/brand stands for, translated: Spanish Touring Car Company?
  16. Author Malcolm Gladwell popularized the notion (2000s) that to become truly expert at something a minimum of how many hours practice is required: 1,000; 10,000, 50,000; or a million?
  17. The surname Sawyer referred to a: Clerk; Cook; Poet; or Wood/stone-worker?
  18. The cabasa, used especially in Latin music, is what sort of instrument: Percusssion; String; Horn/brass; or Woodwind?
  19. What modern word for careless writing derives via its Latin meaning, to write?
  20. Name the only five nations which (to 2012) have participated at every Summer Olympic Games in the modern era (since 1896)? (one point for each)


quizballs 340 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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