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quizballs 339 - free (mostly christmas) general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The long 'lost' 1927 Walt Disney animated Christmas film, found in a Norwegian archive in 2014 is called Empty: Nest; Pudding; Socks; or Heads? Socks
  2. A Weihnachtsbaum or Tannenbaum in Germany is a Christmas: Carol; Pudding; Tree; or Party? Tree
  3. The big-selling country and western hit song, notably by Elvis Presley in 1957, is '(What?) Christmas'? Blue
  4. A square grid of square cells, with five cells in each of its longest diagonals, contains how many cells in total? 25
  5. What's the only major traditional British pantomime based on a real life person? Dick Whittington (fully, Dick Whittington and His Cat, based on the London merchant and Lord Mayor Richard Whittington c.1354-1423)
  6. The Geminids of December are a: Christmas house-plant; Seasonal flu variety; Meteor shower; or Region of the brain? Meteor shower
  7. Latin 'Aurum' refers to which precious commodity? Gold
  8. Salvia is the genus name for what vast and useful plant family, associated with wisdom? Sage
  9. In Austria and Germany an Eierpunsch is a: New Year holiday; Santa's helper; Egg drink; or Slap to the side of the head? Egg drink (like egg nog)
  10. What sort of song takes its name from old French for a circle dance? Carol (from carole)
  11. Anser is the genus name for which family of creatures whose fat is traditional in cooking? Goose
  12. The notable drinks brands/makers Warninks, De Kuyper and Bols all originated in what country? Netherlands (Holland)
  13. In the Christian calendar the 1st of January is traditionally a feast celebrating Christ's what? Circumcision
  14. According to biblical tradition the three 'magi' (wise men or kings) came from the: North; South; East; or West? East
  15. The equatorial Republic of Kiribati's 'Kiritimati' (Christmas) Island, among the first land to see each new day/year, is in which ocean? Pacific
  16. What is an interface, a side, a logistics facility, and a geographically protected drink name? Port
  17. What's the traditional name for a cockerel or rooster that's been castrated, to improve the quality of its meat? Capon
  18. Name Tchaikovsky's famous ballet which begins on Christmas Eve? The Nutcracker
  19. What creature is Equus africanus asinus? Donkey (or ass)
  20. The 'Last Adam' is an alternative name for whom or what? Jesus Christ


quizballs 339 - free (mostly christmas) quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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