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quizballs 334 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Name Finnish writer Tove Jansson's Hippo-like children's character franchise, originally in Swedish books 1945-93, TV/film and the popular '(What?) World' theme park in Naantali, Finland?
  2. Pyongyang is North Korea's: National food; National sport; National guard; or Capital city?
  3. Planchets, flans and blanks are synonyms for pieces of metal used to make: Tooth-fillings; Coins; Bullets; or Cutlery?
  4. Quinoa, an ancient edible seed crop, saw major 21st century productivity and conflict between which two nations of its continent of origin: China and Japan; Canada and USA; Bolivia and Peru; or Turkey and Greece?
  5. The Coca Cola corporation launched 'Fairlife' in 2014, a 'premiumized' version of: Tea; Coffee; Milk; or Water?
  6. The term 'campesino' refers in the Spanish-speaking world to a: University student; Corrupt politician; Peasant farmer; or Hairdresser?
  7. The traditional English exclamation 'Strewth' is an 1800s abbreviated form of what older expression?
  8. At zero Celsius, which two technical characteristics apply to the elements calcium, magnesium, and strontium: Metal; Gas; Solid; and/or Liquid?
  9. The nomadic Tuareg people are the traditional inhabitants of: Saharan North Africa; Arctic Europe; The Antarctic; or China/Mongolia Gobi?
  10. Who announced in 2014 intention to sue the BBC for privacy breach, in broadcasting a police raid on his home?
  11. Valerie Trierweiler revealed in her 2014 book the politically damaging assertion that (Who?) routinely refers to (Whom?) as "Les sans dents"?
  12. The term 'grandee', a high-ranking person, referred originally to noblemen of: Iberia; USA; Arabia; or India?
  13. Althaea officinalis, an ancient African medicinal plant and sugar sweet ingredient, is commonly known as (What popular confection)?
  14. The old British 'threepenny bit', the Australian 50c (1969-2000s), and the 2017 redesigned British £1 coin each have how many sides (not including the two faces)?
  15. The winner of the World Scrabble Championship in 2014 received prize money of: £3,000; £30,000; £300,000; or £3million?
  16. Tessellation technically refers to which form of decoration: Tiling/mosaic; Wallpapering; Painting; or Artex/stucco?
  17. Under standard conditions, the lightest and least dense of all metallic elements is: Mercury; Lithium; Potassium; or Sodium?
  18. Lanugo, vellex and terminal refer to what on the human body at different life stages?
  19. What Italian originating pasta is most popularly consumed in 'elbow' variety in US/Canada?
  20. Ashram (Hindu), Yeshiva (Jewish), and Dojo (Japanese) are: Festivals; Learning/study places; Political assemblies; or Hair/beard styles?


quizballs 334 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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