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quizballs 333 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Built 1723-25, the famous Spanish Steps are in which capital city? Rome
  2. Canon law is rules/regulations according to the authority of the: Church; Military; Monarchy; or Local council? Church (especially Papal/Catholic)
  3. Harvard and MIT universities are in which Massachusetts city, named after a famous English university/city? Cambridge
  4. What old Japanese battle cry and emperor greeting means 'ten thousand years of life (to you)'? Banzai
  5. The award of the 2022 FIFA World Cup to which country prompted international concerns about corruption and related FIFA investigation and governance? Qatar
  6. Narcotics were originally developed for inducing, and are named from: Libido; Numbness/sleep; Joy; or Aggression? Numbness/sleep (from Greek narkoun, make numb)
  7. What is the sixth root of 1,000,000? 10 (10x10x10x10x10x10=1,000,000)
  8. The official European hazard symbol of a bold black X in a yellow/orange square indicates that a substance is harmful and: Toxic; Irritant; Corrosive; or Poison? Irritant
  9. What is the number 333 in Roman numerals? CCCXXXIII
  10. 'Picaboo' was the 2011 launch name of what popular online application, whose logo is based on Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan? Snapchat
  11. In South Korea a chaebol is a significant family-owned/operated: Corporation; Festival; Village; or Football club? Corporation (typically a major conglomerate, having significant political influence - the word meaning and derivation is 'wealth/property clan')
  12. What root vegetable, Pastinaca sativa, was used in Europe as a sweetener before cane sugar and sugar beet? Parsnip
  13. The simplest alcohol (CH3OH), 'wood spirits', first produced by burning pine, is technically known as: Glycerol; Sorbitol; Methanol; or Ethanol? Methanol
  14. What 'umlauted' German word meaning above/over/across/about is, since the 1990s, a popular English prefix referring to something very big? Über
  15. The Soma Cube is a classic 3D puzzle comprising how many angular shapes, being all possible combinations of 3 or 4 wholly-joined cube-parts: 4; 5; 6; or 7? 7
  16. Calumny means: Guilt; Adultery; Slander; or Chaos? Slander (make false statements intending to damage a person's reputation)
  17. Messina, founded by ancient Greeks, site of a 1908 seismic disaster, is the main port of which island? Sicily (part of Italy - the 1908 earthquake killed 60-80,000 people and is probably Europe's most deadly earthquake)
  18. Neoteny, considered highly significant in human evolution, is the presence of (What?) characteristics in adolescence/adulthood: Infant/foetal; Fun/play; Critical thinking; or Mating/sex-drive? Infant/foetal (notably brain size and lack of independence - the development of both enable sophisticated capability growth for many years after birth)
  19. The last Russian monarchy, ended by the 1917 revolution, was the House of: Hanover; Savoy; Romanov; or Braganza? Romanov
  20. What means throw and vomit, is a term of endearment, and a radial clamp? Chuck


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