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quizballs 332 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Based on an old metaphor, a song about unrequited (unreturned) love is called a '(What?) song': Heart; Flame; Arrow; or Torch? Torch song (from the saying 'to carry a torch for someone' - a 'torch singer' is someone who sings these sorts of songs)
  2. Edema (or oedema, or dropsy) refers to body tissue: Swelling; Reddening; Throbbing; or Hardening? Swelling
  3. An offence in sport intended to stop a threatening move or gain other advantage is misleadingly and euphemistically called a '(What?) foul': Technical; Professional; Free; or Fair? Professional foul
  4. If an invoice for $90 includes tax of 20% on the pre-tax cost, what was the cost before tax? $75
  5. The ischium, related to 'sciatic', is the lower part of which human bone? Pelvis (from Greek iskhion, hip-joint)
  6. Named after a distinctively shaped musical instrument, and Stockholm's Hasselbacken Restaurant/Hotel, 'Hasselback' potatoes are almost wholly (What?) before baking: Skewered with cinnamon sticks; Wrapped in smoked herring; Thin-sliced and cheese-covered; or Diced with honey and schnapps? Thin-sliced and cheese-covered (also called accordion potatoes)
  7. Technically a shoal of fish becomes a school of fish when it is: In the Northern not Southern hemisphere; In fresh water not salt water; More than c.1,000 fish; or Swimming in the same direction? Swimming in the same direction
  8. Sound reflected back within c.50 milliseconds is technically called what, commonly abbreviated as a sound production effect? Reverberation (abbreviated to Reverb - whereas more than 50ms delay is generally termed echo)
  9. Glycyrrhizin, from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, used in medicine, is more generally known for the distinctive sweet characteristic of what confection, famously produced (among other varieties/sources) in Pontefract, W Yorkshire? Liquorice (or Licorice - as in Pontefract cakes)
  10. Name Bette Midler's early-career pianist and co-producer of The Divine Miss M debut album, who became a major star in his own right? Barry Manilow
  11. UX is a modern phonetic abbreviation and design consideration of what human effect when using a product/system/service, especially computerized? User Experience
  12. What controversial process uses a 'proppant' with 'slickwater' or gel/foam including additives such as hydrochloric acid, guar gum, radioactive tracers? Fracking (or fraccing, hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracturing, hydrofracking - a proppant fills and keeps rock fractures open)
  13. Ishmael, the first son of Abraham, based on biblical account refers metaphorically also to a: Miser; Fraud; Outcast; or Multi-talented entertainer? Outcast
  14. The architectural term colonnade refers to a series of what features? Columns (or pillars, typically including the joined sections above)
  15. The word porous literally refers to what characteristic in a substance: Air; Dryness; Holes; or Water? Holes (from pore, and Greek poros, passage)
  16. In the longstanding Samsung logo which letter has a missing major part? A (missing crossbar)
  17. What's the English translation of the religious Latin abbreviation AMDG ('Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam')? To the Greater Glory of God (or For the Greater Glory of God or close equivalent - fully For/To the Greater Glory of God and Salvation of Man, asserts that any non-evil action may be considered spiritually good if intended to give glory to God, even ironing, washing-up, and surfing the web)
  18. Put these biological taxonomical classes in order of high to low: Genus Family Species Order? Order Family Genus Species (completely correct order required for a point, unless otherwise instructed by your quizmaster/mistress)
  19. Name the mothership and lander craft which achieved the first ever comet landing, on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014? Rosetta and Philae (named after the Rosetta Stone and Pilae Island in the Nile, site of an obelisk which along with the Rosetta Stone enabled translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics)
  20. The words lyceum and academy referred originally to the garden 'schools' of respectively which two great seminal thinkers? Aristotle and Plato (bonus point if you got them the right way around)


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