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quizballs 331 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A chemical reaction accelerated by adding a separate recyclable substance is: Catharsis; Catechesis; Cathexis; or Catalysis? Catalysis (the added substance is a catalyst, hence the metaphorical use of 'catalyst' in referring to something which prompts or speeds a change)
  2. The term and tactical use of a 'nightwatchman' arises in which sport? Cricket (a lower-order batsman brought into bat at the end of a day, so as not to expose a higher-order batsman to poor light, tiredness, etc)
  3. Which 'BRIC' country re-elected female president Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party, 2014? Brazil (see the BRIC economies)
  4. The Anglicized Italian term 'cognoscenti' refers to people who are: Technically-minded; Informed/expert; Devoutly religious; or Watchmakers/jewellers? Informed/expert
  5. Youku Tudou is (early 2000s) China's most popular: Martial Art; Salad; Cycle route; or Video-sharing website? Video-sharing website (the phonetic similarity to Youtube is entirely coincidental - it is a merger between web corporations Youku ['excellent/cool'] and Tudou ['potato net'] apparently)
  6. What is the unit of measurement for a chemical element's combining power with other atoms to form compounds/molecules? Valence or Valency (which produces the numbers alongside the letter symbols in chemical formulae)
  7. Latin 'collum' refers to which part of the human body? Neck (hence collar)
  8. Which country's coins featured images of salmon, bull, red deer, woodcock and hunter, before replacement by the Euro? Ireland
  9. Cantaluppi near Rome is noted for introducing which orange food to Europe from Armenia? Melon (or specifically the Cantaloupe melon, hence its name)
  10. 'Suspiral' - a waste storage/drainage invention in the 1600s - evolved into what better known term/concept? Cesspool (or by extension, Cesspit)
  11. Yildiz Holding, one of the world's largest confectionery corporations and acquirer of United Biscuits in 2014, is what 'MINT' nationality? Turkish (see the MINT economies)
  12. Name the largest pre-Columbian/Hispanic city of South America, in Peru, and also the name of a popular song from Cuba? Chan Chan
  13. What whole number is the fourth root of 2,401? 7 (7x7x7x7=2,401)
  14. What expression means: rob, support, delay, and show? Hold up
  15. Concentric graduated shading, traditionally used on western stringed instrument soundboards and mid-1900s cartoons, is called: Moonglow; Sunburst; Starlight; or Black hole? Sunburst
  16. Which statesman used the Russian maxim 'doveryai, no proveryai' ('trust, but verify') to ease US/USSR negotiations at the end of the cold war? Ronald Reagan (the use of sympathetic language is a big aspect of Nudge Theory)
  17. Pāramitā, pāramī, or the Ten Perfections, are an aspirational model of which belief system? Buddhism
  18. What vocal musical term means literally 'in the style of the church/chapel'? A Cappella (voices only, without instruments)
  19. Collagen, elastin, keratin, myosin, and lectin are: Fats; Proteins; Hormones; or Cytoplasm? Proteins
  20. Name the 1879-founded magazine, and religion, with reputedly the highest international circulation of any monthly printed publication (two answers required)? The Watchtower published by Jehova's Winesses (2000s distribution exceeded 50million copies/mth)


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