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quizballs 330 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In Scrabble what's the only conventional English number whose spelling is its score (without bonus points)? Twelve (I'm open to other creative suggestions... the prefix word 'tri' means three and scores three points, but it's not a conventional English number, and its validity in Scrabble is debatable)
  2. What slightly eponymously US discount store brand/corporation was founded by Farmer's son Sebastian Kresge c.1900? K-Mart
  3. The Japanese term Ekiden refers to a long race characterized by: Snow; Relay; Night-time; or Barefoot? Relay
  4. Atomic weight is expressed/measured to a standard based on the common isotope (12) of which element? Carbon
  5. What two official Roman ceremonies were awarded to generals of battle victories, major and minor, which have bcome common words meaning respectively achievement, and audience appreciation? Triumph and Ovation (originally Latin, triumphus and ovatio)
  6. The maxim "Work expands to fill the time available" is called '(Whose?) Law', after its author? Parkinson's Law (see Parkinson's Law)
  7. What fundamental set does the Japanese language name after: sun, moon, fire, water, wood, metal, earth? Days of the week (some sources suggest gold/silver and copper instead of metal and earth)
  8. 'Anchor escapement' refers to controlled rocking mechanical energy release in: Forges; Clocks; Ships; or Wind farms? Clocks (notably the mechanism governing a pendulum movement, similar to an anchor-shaped rocker and cog)
  9. The scientific term fission means: Explode; Heat; Cool; or Split? Split (into two or more parts)
  10. What type of aperitif is named from German 'wormwood', the additive in the original medicinal form? Vermouth (from 'wermut', via French)
  11. Common in Middle East and North Africa, a souq (also souk, shuk, suk, sooq, suq, etc) is a: Marketplace; University; Tea-house; or Bicyle-driven taxi? Marketplace
  12. The mainly Australian/NZ rugby term 'five-eighth' refers to a player positioned behind his own: Scrum-half; Three-quarters; Centre; or Full-back? Scrum-half
  13. What popular office product/brand did Bette Nesmith Graham (mother of Monkee Mike Nesmith) invent and later sell to Gillette for nearly $50m in 1979? Liquid Paper (or less accurately, 'correction fluid', or equivalent)
  14. Put these foods in order of highest energy content, highest first: Rice, Milk, Cheese, Butter? Butter, Cheese, Rice, Milk
  15. Ido is the relatively unpopular improved version of what, first devised by Polish physician Ludwik Lazarus Zamenhof (1859-1917)? Esperanto (the world's most successful artificial constructed international language)
  16. Food in dented cans is less safe/pure than in undented cans, true or false? False (it's untrue that dented cans cause contamination - it's also untrue that it's unsafe to keep food in an opened can, compared to a bowl or dish, etc)
  17. Porro prisms, used commonly in binoculars, have what shape end-faces: Conical; Concave; Convex; or Right-angle triangle? Right-angle triangle (after Italian optics inventor Ignazio Porro)
  18. Which two organic stimulants formed the basis of the original Coca-Cola drink? Cocaine (from the coca leaf) and Caffeine (from the cola nut)
  19. What genericized brand, registered 1909, refers to a horn alarm, derived from onomatopoeaic Greek for making a loud sound? Klaxon (from klaxein - similar to English clang)
  20. Name the four terrestrial planets of the Solar System? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars


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