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quizballs 329 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which fictional family lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, California?
  2. Name the chemical separation process in which electricity passes through a conducting substance between two electrodes?
  3. The highest US military award, the Medal of Honor, is what shape: Star; Cross; Circle; or Pentagon?
  4. The Persian shamsher, 'paw claw', inspired what name/weapon, also a 1970s sports car by the makers of the Robin and Bond Bug?
  5. Strike-slip, Dip-slip, Oblique-slip, Listric and Ring refer to: Geological faults; Pottery processes; Ice-hockey moves; or Currency market trends?
  6. What London medicinal water site, later a music hall, was the birthplace of the Royal Ballet and English National Opera?
  7. The Drachma was which nation's main currency unit before the Euro in 2002?
  8. Episcopal refers to what authority: King; Military General; Bishop; or Mayor?
  9. An old word for a proverb or saying is a: Plane; Nail; Drill; or Saw?
  10. Why are anti-bacterial alcohol hand cleansers ineffective against Ebola?
  11. Which popular UK stop-motion animated children's TV character based at Fixham was given a CGI update in 2014?
  12. Satya Nadella, boss of which vast corporation, apologised in 2014 for suggesting female workers should rely on faith and karma instead of asking for a pay rise?
  13. Spell the capital of Thailand: Bankok; Bangkok; Bangcock; or Bancok?
  14. Historically, malmsey wine came from what nation and its surrounding islands: Scotland; Greece; Jamaica; or Japan?
  15. Pioneering collaborative UK/Poland surgery to repair human spinal cord was demonstrated in 2014 using what uniquely regenerating human nerve cells?
  16. Equating to Roman goddess Diana, name Apollo's huntress chaste twin sister, also ironically a 600-customer Berlin brothel?
  17. The 1850s 'open-hearth process' was used in producing: Bread; Steel; Wool; or Political ideas?
  18. Bullace is a thorny shrub with fruit similar to small uncultivated: Banana; Plum; Cucumber; or Pineapple?
  19. The parts that enable a guitar to be tuned are called: Machines; Knobs; Keys; or Locks?
  20. The Union of Myanmar, capital Rangoon, is traditionally (in the 'west') called what country?


quizballs 329 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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