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quizballs 326 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The sulphate/sulfate used as a contrast agent for gastro-intenstinal x-rays contains which metallic element?
  2. The Hawaiian Islands are closest longitudinally to whose territory: USA; New Zealand; Russia; or Japan?
  3. Native to Indonesia, what spice is a flower bud from a tall evergreen tree 'Syzygium aromaticum'?
  4. Zebu cattle are famously distinguished by: Long hair; Long horns; A hump; or Antlers?
  5. Shellshock, in Bash, was in 2014 described as the most dangerous (what?) since Heartbleed?
  6. Which country in the UK is not represented in the Union Jack flag?
  7. On a 20cm diameter clockface, the tip of the second-hand travels approximately how many kilometres in a year: 3; 33; 330; or 3,300?
  8. This historical region (1300s-1800s) of Bessarabia is in: Eastern Europe; Western Europe; North Africa; or South America?
  9. What portmanteau term created in the 1960s is the science of copying or duplicating documents/graphics?
  10. The Harrington jacket is named after a: Scottish sheep; Australian town; English WWII bomber aircraft; or 1960s American TV soap character?
  11. Name the multi-billionaire celebrity businessman and aspiring US president tricked in 2014 into 'retweeting' on Twitter a picture of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West as supposedly having been admirers of his?
  12. The 2014 'Bendgate' controversy/publicity concerned version 6 of which famous product?
  13. The Hajj refers to Islamic: Pilgrimage; Fasting; Marriage; or Meditation?
  14. Who apologized to whom for carelessly revealing to the world's media that the latter had 'purred' in delight when Scotland rejected independence in 2014?
  15. What Swiss psychologist conceived 'extraversion' and 'introversion', and personality tendencies of intuition, sensing, feeling and thinking?
  16. Put these countries in order of oldest to youngest population average age: Turkey; Japan; Uganda; USA?
  17. In India a gharrry-wallah: Drives a horse and carriage; Bakes bread; Massages people; or Gives financial advice?
  18. In what discipline was Alex Jesaulenko's 'Mark of the Century'?
  19. What, unrelatedly, refers to ancient Israel/Hebrew Bible Law, and to a pattern created by small pieces of ceramic/glass/stone?
  20. In which discipline would you see the abbreviations: P C 1B 2B SS 3B LF CF and RF? Bonus point if you can name them all?


quizballs 326 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

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