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quizballs 324 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In a musical work the term 'coda' refers to its: Introduction; Chorus; Ending; or Volume? Ending (from Latin cauda, tail)
  2. A nuclear component which emits radioactivity for an industrial/commercial purpose is called a: Core; Nut; Source; or Pip? Source
  3. Mirage, Treasure Island, Paris, New York-New York, and Circus Circus are famous what, and where? Casinos (or Hotels) in Las Vegas
  4. What term denoting a jointly won race originally meant it was void and required a re-run? Dead Heat (dead meaning void, heat meaning a race)
  5. The cobalt salts of aluminium/aluminum oxide produce what colour/color in ceramics, glass, etc., notably ancient Chinese porcelain? Blue
  6. A solenoid, featured in electromagnetic valves and switches of that name, is a: Helix; Cube; Sphere; or Lozenge? Helix (or coil, which enables electro-magnetic energy to be converted to linear motion)
  7. The expression 'Go West' originally (mid-1800s) encouraged people to move from/within: Europe; America; Russia; or Asia? America (to pioneer and develop the west from the east - the fuller quote is 'Go West, young man')
  8. The word/brand 'Ritz' was originally a: Biscuit; Hotelier; Dance; or German slang for bling? Hotelier (César Ritz, founder of the Ritz hotels, from which the meaning of luxurious style grew)
  9. Henry Poor's 1800s railroad manuals and Luther Blake's Standard Statistics Bureau of non-railroad corporate information merged in 1941 to become what famous two-letter US financial services/index brand? S&P (Standard and Poor, e.g., the S&P500 listing)
  10. Who painted The Starry Night, Sorrowing Old Man and Self-Portrait Without Beard? Vincent Van Gogh
  11. A single significant obstacle is figuratively called 'The Fly in the...': Butter; Eye; Gravy; or Ointment? Ointment
  12. An oophorectomy is the removal of one or both of a woman's what? Ovaries
  13. To what very common consumer items do the IEC codes R6 and R03 and equivalent ANSI codes AA and AAA refer? Batteries (portable dry cell batteries - IEC is International Electrotechnical Commission and ANSI is the corresponding American National Standards Institute, responsible for battery codes/specifications)
  14. What dangerous material occures in white, brown and blue forms respectively from Chrysotile, Amosite, and Crocidolite minerals? Asbestos
  15. The significant Irish minister Ian Paisley, who died in 2014, was a: Protestant; Catholic; Mormon; or Jehova's Witness? Protestant
  16. Name the record-breaking $0.5bn development-cost computer game launched to massive publicity in 2014: Idiocy; Banality; Insanity; or Destiny? Destiny
  17. A full moon which coincides with its closest proximity to Earth is called a '(What?) moon': Blue; Harvest; Festival; or Cheese? Harvest
  18. A mollymawk is an Australian/NZ word for what creature, strongly linked with maritime superstition? Albatross (derived from Dutch 'mal mok', foolish gull)
  19. What silver-grey/gray metallic element used in high strength steels has the symbol Mo? Molybdenum
  20. The inventors of Penicillin, Television, the Bank of England, the BBC, and the decimal point were: Scottish; English; American; or German? Scottish


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