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quizballs 323 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which spice is named from Hungarian for pepper? Paprika
  2. Which two similar creatures, and the only major predators of mosquitos, are differentiated by their respective perpendicular and parallel resting wing positions? Dragonfly and Damselfly
  3. What medieval term for a knights' equestrian tournament is also a fairground ride and an airport mechanism? Carousel
  4. Which German rye bread is named, according to many reliable sources, from the original meaning 'Devil's fart'? Pumpernickel
  5. Brinjal is an Indian/S African word for what vegetable? Aubergine (or USA Eggplant)
  6. What refers to social service focused on an individual's situation/background, and also to certain furniture, especially ornate cabinets? Casework
  7. In the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, the TT stands for what? Tourist Trophy
  8. What term refers to a fashion/lifestyle/music genre, and wood that is light and flaky due to rot or fungal attack? Punk
  9. What technical Anglicized French word for a rank or level is from French for ladder? Echelon (from echelle)
  10. Related to voting/headcount, what technical term refers to the removal of a tree's top branches, usually to encourage new growth? Pollard/Pollarding (from the old meaning of poll, head)
  11. Dart, mushroom, grain, notions, and piping are terms used in what handicraft? Sewing (or equivalent)
  12. A nuclear reactor which produces more 'fissile' material (i.e., which sustains a chain reaction) than it consumes in fuel is known by what sexual term? Breeder
  13. Haslet is a traditional (mostly UK) inexpensive chopped, pressed and cooked cold loaf of: Fruit; Fish; Offal; or Chocolate fudge with nuts and raisins? Offal
  14. In rugby union, how many yards position is a team penalized for arguing with a referee's decision? 10
  15. In 2014 German coastal authorities reportedly introduced various bans and dimensional limits of max 4m x 0.5m for beach: Inflatables; Goalposts; Bar signs; or Sand castles? Sand castles
  16. What typically pluralized instrument is named from Spanish 'chestnut'? Castanets (from 'castana', chestnut, being the woood traditionally used to make them)
  17. Brimstone is an old word for which chemical element? Sulphur
  18. Name the vast Telefónica S.A. Spanish/Latin-American mobile phone corporation, whose name alludes to cinematic celebrity? Movistar
  19. In 2010 which famous pedestrian 'zebra' crossing was the first to be given UK Heritage listed status, normally only given to buildings and monuments? Abbey Road (London NW8, outside Abbey Road recording studios, featured on the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover)
  20. The latin term 'mutatis mutandis' is used when doing what to two basically similar things: Comparing; Joining; Destroying; or Separating? Comparing (it means literally 'changing things that need to be changed', and equates to saying 'putting irrelevant differences aside', when comparing two slightly different things according to a central issue - see the Latin glossary)


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