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quizballs 321 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Al Jazeera means 'The (What?)'? Island (referring to the Arabian Peninsular)
  2. PDF, Adobe's universal computer document format, stands for what? Portable Document Format
  3. Chatsworth House gardener, engineer and greenhouse expert, Joseph Paxton, created which iconic 1851 London building? Crystal Palace
  4. What was a originally an ancient Greek post-banquet drinking party, and nowadays refers to a researchers/academic conference? Symposium (from sun, together, and potes, drinker)
  5. Runway selection for aircraft take-off and landing is generally: Into headwind; With tailwind; With a crosswind; or Sun behind? Into headwind
  6. Brahmanism is an ancient formative religion of: Hinduism; Islam; Catholicism; or Mormonism? Hinduism
  7. Bundes in the German 'Bundesliga' soccer league refers to: Old; Federal; Competition; or Professional? Federal
  8. Which punningly alliteratively named professor drove the No3 Convert-a-Car in Wacky Races? Pat Pending
  9. What Anglicized Italian term from Latin 'not known' refers to a person's having a concealed or false identity? Incognito
  10. In 1849 US mechanic Walter Hunt patented what multi-billion-selling and punk rock device? Safety pin (reportedly he sold the patent to repay a modest debt, and thereby failed to benefit greatly from his invention)
  11. Which multi-award-winning 1982s movie is considered to have included the biggest ever crowd of extras? Gandhi (over 300,000 for the funeral scene)
  12. What potent plant is called technically Papaver somniferum? Opium poppy
  13. Burlap is an old material traditionally used in making: Hats; Scarves; Sacks; or Socks? Sacks (it's rough, made typically of jute or hemp)
  14. In constitutional terminology, put these structures in order of power-centralization, most to least: Confederation; Unitary; Federation? Unitary; Federation; Confederation (respectively: mainly centrally governed; a balance between central and local member autonomy; and a membership agreement between independent bodies)
  15. What community-support focused branch of Christianity grew from the work of brothers John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield? Methodism
  16. Appearing in many food/drink names, what is produced when cereal grain germination is halted by hot air drying? Malt
  17. In 2014 the EU introduced a maximum 1600watt power rating for: Vacuum cleaners; Mobility scooters; Buskers; or Residential Xmas lights? Vacuum cleaners
  18. In 2014 Russia closed branches of what global brand amidst East-West sanction? McDonald's
  19. The fin whale, second largest animal after the blue whale, excretes approximately how many litres per day: 3; 15; 100; or 1,000? 1,000
  20. The old English profession 'cofferer', typically employed in a royal household, equates nowadays to a: Gardener; Tea-maid; Accountant; or Hairdresser? Accountant (derived from coffer - a strongbox for money - hence 'coffers' has become a word for funds held, and a reference to personal savings/funds - see money slang)


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