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quizballs 319 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Name Google's search engine for academic publishing? Scholar
  2. Built for the 1980 Summer Olympics, which city boasts the The Izmailovo Hotel (at 2014 the world's largest, comprising 7,500 rooms)? Moscow
  3. The European supermarket corporation Netto was founded and remains (at 2014) headquartered in: Denmark; Germany; France; or Italy? Denmark
  4. Whose logo features two pulling horses and the words 'original riveted'? Levi's (or Levi Strauss, denim garments)
  5. Sauerkraut is a type of German: Sausage; Bread; Cabbage; or Yoghurt? Cabbage (it means 'sour cabbage')
  6. The technical term 'Wearing Course' is used in: Fashion shows; Golf; Road surfacing; or Catering? Road surfacing (the top layer, which becomes worn by traffic)
  7. Warp and weft (USA, warp and fill) refer to the main elements in making: Beer; Bread; Cloth; or Shoes? Cloth (warp is the longitudinal threads, through which the weft threads are drawn)
  8. The word dinosaur is from Greek 'deinos saurus' meaning: Eat Plenty; Terrible Lizard; Angry Bird; or Saw Tooth? Terrible lizard
  9. What is a 3D crystal structure in physics and a criss-cross pastry pie top? Lattice
  10. The energy possessed by something due to its motion is called: Potential; Kinetic; Elastic; or Gravitational? Kinetic (from Greek kinesis, meaning motion)
  11. Which famous archipelago comprises eight major islands including Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Molokai? Hawaiian Islands
  12. The capacity in megabytes (MB) of a standard Compact Disc is about: 0.7; 7.3; 73.7; or 737? 737MB
  13. What traditional American word for an ancient weapon refers to the gravity-based accelerational effect of a celestial object on another, or on a spacecraft? Slingshot
  14. Trypanosomiasis technically refers to what sort of sickness: Travel; Sleeping; Sea; or Love? Sleeping sickness
  15. What modern globally recognized symbol was created by British designer Gerald Holtom in 1958, based on the flag semaphore signals for N and D? Nuclear Disarmament (☮ or CND, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, or international equivalents, or the 'peace sign' or 'Ban the Bomb' - the shape was also considered a symbolization of human despair [outstretched downward pointing arms] against a background of the globe - the flag semaphore N = two flags each pointing 45 degrees downwards, and D = one flag raised vertically)
  16. Computer programming students commonly begin by writing a program named from its display output - "Hello (What?)": Everyone!; World!; Mum!; or Goodbye! ? World
  17. American Callan Pinckney's eponymously named system became a best-selling (1980s-2000s) book/video franchise in what genre: Cooking; DIY; Fitness; or Childcare? Fitness (called Callanetics)
  18. What term, derived from Italian/French theatrical farce, nowadays fashionably refers to mildly erotic entertainment and striptease? Burlesque (originally from Italian burla, mockery)
  19. What is a finch-like bird, a festive decoration, and a baby's hooded sleeping garment? Bunting
  20. Bok Choy (US) or Pak Choi (UK) is a Chinese: Martial art; Writing style; Poetry; or Cabbage? Cabbage


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