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quizballs 318 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. On Apple Inc's apple logo the leaf and bite-out are respectively positioned: Left and Left; Left and Right; Right and Left; or Right and Right? Right and Right
  2. In biochemistry the suffix '-ose' usually denotes what common sort of substance? Sugar
  3. A payment or loss representing a tiny fraction of the payee's wealth is metaphorically called 'Small (What?)', actually made in medieval times for children and poor folk: Wine; Beer; Cake; or Trousers? Beer ('small' referred to its low alcoholic content and cheap quality)
  4. The US-originating slang 'wallwart' is used in which connection: Horticultural; Achitectural; Electrical; or Legal? Electrical (a 'wallwart' or 'wall wart' is an AC/DC electrical power adapter/charger - the name reflects the aesthetic and practical distaste commonly held by most people for such devices and their appalling lack of standardization, interchangeability, sustainability, etc)
  5. The works of which dramatic writer feature at least 64 bird species including all seven British crows? William Shakepeare (the dove or turtle dove is mentioned most times at 60 in all works [source: acobas.net])
  6. A 'night glow' features in which sort of festival? Hot air balloons (in which after dark all the balloons - sometimes several hundred - are tethered a few feet from the ground while the burners illuminate the balloons in a spectactular display)
  7. Which 1947-originated DeBeers slogan is according to Advertising Age magazine the best advertising slogan of the 20th century (perhaps aided by a 1956 Fleming creation)? "A Diamond Is Forever" (Ian Fleming's novel 'Diamonds Are Forever' became the 7th James Bond film and heavily reinforced the notion in global consciousness - it is not known whether DeBeers paid the film-makers any sort of 'concept placement' fee..)
  8. In the English language a 'perfect pangram' contains how many letters: 1; 3; 15; or 26? 26 (an ordinary pangram is a sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet, most famously, 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' - a 'perfect pangram' contains each letter once only, i.e., 26 letters - several grammatically correct 'perfect pangrams' have been devised although none is actually sensible, even when abbreviations are permitted - see pangram)
  9. The word scourge - 'a cause of suffering' - is metaphorically derived from what instrument of punishment? Whip (from Latin, corrigia)
  10. The term 'Standard', a traditional name of some newspapers, derives in this sense from the meaning of a: Quality measure; Flag; Tree/plant; or Newsstand/booth? Flag
  11. US engineer/industrialist George Pullman (1831-1897) is eponymously associated with travel by: Air; Sea; Rail; or Road? Rail (Pullman cars refer to railway sleeping and dining carriages which he developed and which concept then spread internationally)
  12. In card gambling games such as poker, an 'ante' refers to a betting stake which is: Lost; Compulsory; Higher than the previous one; or Borrowed? Compulsory (a stake that is required to enter the game/round - hence the metaphor to 'up the ante' means increasing the implications/risks/'stakes' prior to entering a discussion)
  13. Acetylsalicylic Acid is better known by what Bayer trademark? Aspirin
  14. The main part of what musical instrument, commonly available in chromatic and diatonic forms, is called a 'comb'? Harmonica (or Mouth organ)
  15. What literally connects Vikramshila Setu, Rajendra Setu, Mahatma Gandhi Setu and Farakka Barrage? The Ganges (they all span the River Ganges in India - 'setu' is Sanskrit for bridge - a barrage is a water-diverting dam)
  16. CN and CP are the official marks/logos of which nation's two major railway corporations? Canada (Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway)
  17. 'Every good boy deserves favour' is a mnemonic in: Chemistry; Geology; Music; or Baking? Music (standing for the EGBDF notes on the lines of the treble clef)
  18. Ragú refers originally in Italian to a: Pasta; Tomato; Meat-based sauce; or Cooking pan? Meat-based sauce
  19. Name the trademarked bass-frequency cinematic effect developed by Cerwin-Vega and Universal Studios initially for the 1974 film Earthquake? Sensurround
  20. Name the two opposing campaign organizations featured in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum? Yes Scotland and Better Together (respectively for independence and continuing British union)


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