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quizballs 317 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What communal cooking method/equipment derives from French 'melted'? Fondue
  2. Google's experimental self-driving car of the mid-2010s is called: Drive; Jamjar; Broom; or Chauffeur? Chauffeur
  3. The Ebola disease is named after an African: River; Doctor; Monkey; or City? River (in Democratic Republic of Congo, 1976, the site of the first outbreak)
  4. A mattock (alternatively called a dibber in some countries) is used mainly for: Fishing; Digging; Knitting; or Plumbing? Digging (it's like a pickaxe, with shorter wider blades)
  5. Spell the German leader's name, Angela: Merchal; Merchel; Merkel; or Markel? Merkel
  6. A negotiating offer that is available for discussion is said to be 'On the (What?)': Cards; Table; Floor; or Level? Table
  7. The adjacent African nations Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, and Benin have coastlines facing: North; South; East; or West? South
  8. Turkey's 2014 leadership election was marked by women posting pictures on social media of themselves doing (what?) after the deputy Prime Minister reportedly suggested they should not publicly: Run; Laugh; Sunbathe; or Eat? Laugh
  9. Santander Bank refused to accept 'Circus Uncertainty' as a UK business customer on moral grounds due to use of: Gerbils; Explosives; Magic; or Burlesque costumes? Burlesque costumes
  10. As at the mid-2010s, which creature reportedly numbered over 5,000 in private USA ownership, compared to about 3,000 surviving in the world elsewhere? Tiger
  11. Traditional 'western' breadmaking generally requires flour defined as: Strong; Weak; Light or Heavy? Strong
  12. The residual presence of (what?) gives brown sugar its colour/color? Molasses (or black treacle)
  13. Likud, Yesh Atid, and Shas are political parties of which country? Israel
  14. Name the precious spice and small bulb flower associated by etymology and extraction (two answers required)? Saffron and Crocus
  15. The UK government was criticized in 2014 for promoting the euphemistic term 'Mitochondrial transfer' to avoid controversy about genetic modification of: Cereals; Milk yield; Dangerous dog breeds; or Human babies? Human babies (specifically conception/birth involving three parents)
  16. What creature was used as the US Dodge automotive logo in the 1930s-50s, and again 1970s-2000s? Ram
  17. What technical term refers to documents/money held by a third party while agreement/conditions are fulfilled between two others? Escrow
  18. Bright, Burley, and Oriental are leaves used for what? Cigarettes
  19. 'Lager' beer is named from German meaning: Light; Strong; Storehouse; or Peasant? Storehouse (specifically a cold store or cave)
  20. The faux Latin expression 'Excreta Tauri Astutos Frustrantur' equates to which crude ironic alliterative English maxim? Bullshit Baffles Brains (see lots of interesting and true Latin expressions)


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