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quizballs 316 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. After international electronic surveillance revelations in 2014, German government officials reportedly reverted to using: WWII Enigma code machines; Carrier pigeons; Typewriters; or Invisible Ink?
  2. Generally what metalwork process extracts a metal from its ore?
  3. Which country is markedly the largest producer of garlic globally: China; India; Brazil; or Luxembourg?
  4. San Francisco banned a phone app in 2014 which enabled people to sell: Pier fishing positions; Alcatraz pebbles; Metered car-parking spaces; or Beach massages?
  5. The HTML (HyperText Markup Language) webpage codes: '<' and '>' produce the maths symbols: Right/Left chevrons; Plus/Minus; Multiply/Divide; or Square/Cube root?
  6. Hinnomaki Red, Invicta, Pax and Hairy Amber are types of which Ribes genus fruit?
  7. A 'Polski Sklep' is a: Sausage; Hat; Ice-skating move; or Retail premises?
  8. 20th Century Fox lost a delightful international TV/entertainment trademark dispute in 2014 to which UK comedy club chain?
  9. Jam, Wing, Acorn, T, and Hex are types of what?
  10. The eminent British economist Richard Layard is noted for pioneering work on: Equality; Sustainability; Computing; or Happiness?
  11. The Berlin S-Bahn is what sort of system: Railway; Ring-road; Cycle-way; or Canal?
  12. As at the early 2000s (2000-12 official figures) what country is the world's biggest wine producer?
  13. The word barber - meaning a men's/boy's hairdresser - is from Latin meaning: Hair; Scissors; Shave; or Beard?
  14. Traditionally what do people do with a Mexican piñata: Wear it; Drink it; Ride it; or Smash it to bits with sticks?
  15. Suchen, Buscar, Rechercher and Zoeken appear commonly on German, Spanish, French and Dutch language websites, all meaning what?
  16. The speed of sound in a vacuum is: Fast as light; Same as anywhere else; c.3,500mph; or Zero?
  17. Which famous city has the official website domain www.mcgm.gov.in?
  18. Mercosur/Mercosul is the South American: Soccer Federation; Space Agency; Common Market Agreement; or Storm System?
  19. Which famous southern-hemisphere city centre has the postal code 2000?
  20. What parts of the human body are surrounded by protective skin called the eponychium and paronychium?


quizballs 316 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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