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quizballs 315 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A big problem that people avoid discussing is metaphorically called 'The (what?) ...in the room': Dinosaur; Elephant; Gorilla; or Ostrich?
  2. What 2001 Disney movie bockbuster is considered the first to successfully achieve CGI fur?
  3. The 1st World War Armistice was signed in 'Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits 2419', a: Hotel room; Bunker; Railway carriage; or Shipping container?
  4. 'Interlocution' refers to a person's involvement in: Crossword puzzles; Discussion; Electrical engineering; or Diesel railway engines?
  5. Who conceived the effective communication theory 'Three Modes of Persuasion' (comprising Logos, Ethos and Pathos): Aristotle; Hitler; Jesus; or Napoleon?
  6. Created by marine biologist/animator Stephen Hillenburg, Nickelodeon's $8bn grossing and most distributed media property of MTV networks (at mid-2010s)?
  7. Match these jazz players to their main intruments: Herbie Hancock, Chet Baker, Gene Krupa, and Courtney Pine - Sax/Clarinet, Drums, Keyboards, Trumpet?
  8. What is the cube root of 216?
  9. Boulevard Périphérique is the famous Paris: Park; Ring Road; Shopping Mall; or Mono-Rail?
  10. The brands Daiwa, Drennan, Hardy, and Berkley famously involve: Formula 1 racing; Horse-riding; Ski-ing; or Fishing?
  11. Gargoyles on buildings traditionally support: Flags; Clocks; Guttering; or Flying buttresses?
  12. A longhorned grasshopper or bush cricket is also known as a: Marymay; Suzywill; Lizzycan; or Katydid?
  13. PCB refers to what component of most electrical items?
  14. A gazetteer offers indexed information mainly oriented by: Biography; Geography; History; or Auction values?
  15. What is a: cleaning brand, Dutch soccer club, web programming language, and greater and lesser mythological Greek hero?
  16. Cockney rhyming slang 'bottle' traditionally means: Beer; Bravery; Medicine; or Blue?
  17. What famous French 1970s-designed anti-ship missile means 'flying fish'?
  18. The varying effects within which 0-12 scale refer to movement of twigs, smoke, dust and telegraph wires?
  19. The 'Acts' book of the Bible is fully titled 'Acts of The (What?)'?
  20. Name the capital city - est 1913, designed by Chicago architects W & M Griffin, located 35°18'27"S 149°07'28"E, and home of ACT Brumbies rugby union club?


quizballs 315 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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