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quizballs 313 - free tour de france and cycling quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The modern 21-day/stage Tour de France is roughly what total distance: 550m/880km; 880m/1,400km; 1,100m/1,760km; or 2,200m/3,500km?
  2. The traditional generic name of the 1880s bike design which improved the penny-farthing (high-wheel) and basically endures today is the '(What?) bicycle': Efficiency; Reliance; Safety; or Sensible?
  3. What French railway term refers to the bicycle gear system for shifting the chain between sprockets?
  4. The 'maillot à pois rouge' jersey of the 'King of the Mountains' (best hill climber) in the Tour de France is white with red: Chevrons; Spots; Crowns; or Snowflakes?
  5. What country produces Flying Pigeon bicycles, at 2010 the most popular mechanical vehicle in history?
  6. By the year 2010 there were roughly how many bicycles worldwide: 250 million; 400m; 650m; or 1 billion?
  7. What was a bicycle first called (and still today also any human powered wheeled vehicle), a Latin portmanteau of 'speed' and 'foot'?
  8. A modern 'balance bicycle' is purpose-designed for: Tightrope walkers; Children; Delivery riders; or Elderly shoppers?
  9. In 2013 Dutch cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier set a world speed record for a bicycle (unassisted, human powered vehicle) of what mph? 49; 57; 72 or 83?
  10. A penny-farthing (high-wheel) bicycle is steered by which wheel(s): Front; Rear; or Both?
  11. What New York venue gave its name to an Olympic track cycle event, alternatively called the American race?
  12. Slang for an eccentric person, what bicycle part converts reciprocal leg-power into circular wheel motion?
  13. The green jersey is worn by the Tour de France's: Leader; Second-place; Best sprinter; or Leading amateur?
  14. As at 2014 which nation has never hosted a Tour de France stage: Austria; Ireland; Spain; or Germany?
  15. Who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles in October 2012 due to doping?
  16. German Baron Karl Drais's 1818 Laufmaschine (or Dandy horse/Draisine), origin of the modern bike, lacked: Pedal-propulsion; Steering; Spoked wheels; or Saddle/seat?
  17. What French word commonly refers to a bunch or pack of cyclists?
  18. Developed, named (c.1950) and hugely popular in Japan for gambling, what Olympic track cycling event requires riders to follow a motorized bike until the last few hundred metres of free sprint?
  19. Drop, Randonneur, Porteur, Aero and Moustache are types of bicycle what?
  20. The traditional (English translated) award given to the last place rider in the Tour de France is the: Wooden spoon; Red lamp; Broken wheel; or Stinking Egg?


quizballs 313 - free tour de france and cycling quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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